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Body Loving Blogosphere 03.25.12

So much love: #1 Tip for Having Style on the Cheap.

How to Turn Anxiety into Excitement and chatter about orgasms.

Six Fitness Lessons That I Learned From my Child. Want babies. So badly.

Hmmmmmm…  Am I A Hypocrite For Professing Radical Self Love While Wearing 5 Inch Heels? The Intersection Between Fashion, Personal Expression & Loving Who You Are  [Thoughts?]

You probably don’t need a plush fox doll, but you probably want one. I know I do.

What’s your super hero name?

This is a wonderful directory for anyone who is building a business and wants to enlist some reinforcement.

Michelle Ward is this week’s Well-Fed Woman. Yip! Yip!

Required reading: How to Not Feel Deprived. I also encourage you to read Marsha Hudnall’s follow up post: Healthy Eating, Deprivation, and the Right Choice.

Body Image Booster: Releasing Unrealistic Expectations is also phenomenally powerful.

How do you feel when someone tells you to just “Snap Out of it“?

Sui Solitaire is in Roots of She’s Spring tribe! So many favorites in one place. Lovelovelove.

The meaning of touch in a healing relationship. Beautiful. And crucial.

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  1. koshinka's Gravatar koshinka
    March 25, 2012 at 1:52 pm | Permalink

    In response to the “Am I a hypocrite…?” I have to correct the blogger on one point. It’s not “beauty privilege.” It’s called “the patriarchy” (she does fairly discuss this later, but terminology is important in that context. Let’s call a spade a spade). Makeup would NOT exist without the patriarchy. You think women woke up one day and decided to paint their faces to “enhance their features”? Nope.

    You’re rewarded — both by men and often by women — for conforming to patriarchal standards for acceptable femininity. Requirements include (but are not limited to) proper makeup, proper grooming (hairlessness in the right places, hair style [not "butch," etc.]), proper feminine clothing, and, of course, proper attitude (demure, polite, etc.).

    I won’t pretend that I don’t wear makeup, but I will admit upfront that I’m “performing” in a certain way that I know, on a subconscious level, makes me more acceptable to others. I can look in the mirror all I want and say I’m doing this for myself, but the truth is that I’ve absorbed too many images of women with the same makeup who are regarded as beautiful to think it’s anything more than knowing I will be regarded as beautiful, too, with those same “enhanced features,” etc. Even if I am the one doing the perceiving.

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