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Body Loving Blogosphere 06.24.12

Required reading for human beings: Violence and Moral Dystopia on the L Train. Your heart needs this post.

Just a little something to give you some serious hope about amazing body image work that is being done in the classroom.

On the top of my DIY list: making my own deodorant.

This guide for finding a therapist is really freaking good and spot on.

How to Not Feel Lonely When You’re Alone.

The ultimate guide to loving and accepting your shortcomings:

What? You’re not perfect?
Welcome to the human race.

Be a source of love. And The Foolproof Way to Know You Are Loveable. For a double dose of excellence.

Something that you and I absolutely require: How To Get a Grip On Your Project. Do this. Feel free.

Summer is here, so get your fruit cobbler on.

Ashe Mischief + Agent Lover = oh so glorious body-loving fun.

100 Things to do Instead of Procrastinating on the Internet. YES PLEASE.

If you learn nothing else today, learn this: How to Fight Fair.

Make your life infinitely more awesome this week:

Submerge yourself in water, and feel it washing away all of the thing you no longer wish to carry with you. My preference, of course, is for a serious ocean dip, but as that is not an option available to all – a pool will do, or a back, or, hell, a well-intentioned bath or hose down in your backyard. Yes, with your hose, you heard me.

The point is not the body of water of your choosing. The point here is to focus on the weightless feeling of being unconditionally supported by something larger than yourself, and making the choice to let that water soothe and rinse off that which is no longer serving you. Put blind faith behind the idea that there is much more in store once you are ready to lovingly let go of what is weighing you down.

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