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Body Loving Blogosphere 07.01.12

Required reading: The ONE thing you must do to succeed in private practice. However, what this post truly addresses is getting really honest with yourself and the fears that are cementing you in place when what you truly want is to be moving forward like the gorgeous, light being that you are.

4 Steps to Letting Go of Negative Thoughts.

What do you do when you experience self-doubt? If you suffer from worrying that you can do all of the huge, amazing and gorgeous things that you’ve set out to do – check out this post. And don’t give up on yourself. You’re a rockstar.

Have you taken The Body Love Pledge? Get on it.

You your heart feels hungry – take the time to FEED it, and we aren’t talking mashed potatoes.

If there is one lesson that I hope you truly take home this week, it’s this: You can’t make everyone love you. It’s a futile effort.

When you encounter someone who doesn’t like you, an untenable situation, or a conflict that makes you want to stick your head in the sand – this post is chock full of tips on how to deal.

Would you rather be right, or would you rather be free?

Do you have difficulty creating and maintaining healthy boundaries in your business – this video has got your name on it.

15 Ways You’re Showing the Universe That You Aren’t Ready to Live an Abundant Life.

Make your life better this week: 

Find a way to exercise with regularity and stunning convenience. I have so many clients that are desperate to start moving their bodies on a more frequent basis, but they struggle with fitting it into their very busy schedules. Many people believe that in order to be successful working out, you have to join a fancy shmancy gym or some other expensive, structured routine.

That doesn’t really work for me, and chances are, if this is something you struggle with, it doesn’t really work for you either.

I have long been a fan of hopping onto my mat for a quick and comprehensive, self-directed yoga routine, but there is a part of me that yearns for the structure of a class led by someone other than myself.

One solution that I’ve found for this problem is in grabbing myself up a $10/month membership to GaiamTV – a literal goldmine of yoga and workout classes that you can access from the comfort of your own living room, ala Netflix or Hulu membership. I freaking love it.

If this isn’t something that appeals to you – there are a myriad of other options at your finger tips: take a 10 minute hula hoop break, ecstatically dance in your living room to the tune of your favorite jams, take your dog for an early morning walk, do cartwheels on your front yard, park way way far away from the grocery story and carry your groceries back to your truck, whatever it is, just do it. You will feel better for it, I pinky promise.

2 Comments to Body Loving Blogosphere 07.01.12

  1. July 1, 2012 at 11:49 pm | Permalink

    That exercise tip is great advice! Exercising regularly has helped me really maintain a stable level of happiness. I’m on a STRICT budget and before I splurged for a gym membership, I used to do workout videos on YouTube. I’m also a big fan of just putting on my sneakers and walking – once I’m moving my mood improved 100 percent!

  2. July 2, 2012 at 8:28 pm | Permalink

    Love that the post on private practice can apply to so many areas of a person’s life. Great posts!

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