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Body Loving Blogosphere 07.22.12

Oh you GUYS, I am terribly, terribly excited to announce that I’m going to be a special guest in Anna Guest-Jelley’s CurveFEST: Cambridge workshop on November 3rd. It is going to be a day jam-packed with self-love and curvy yoga, so get your tickets because they are selling like hotcakes.

The most effective diet – listening to your body. YES.

I just absolutely adored this post about peeling away the layers of resistance in your yoga practice (ahem, life).

Required reading: Give Yourself the Gift of You.

Pretty much all of my wardrobe these days is compiled of my fun + festive collection of Karina Dresses, which as one of their ambassadors, I support whole-heartedly. This behind-the-scenes interview with designer Karina Cousineau is fantastic!

Depression: It Ain’t (all) Heavy.

Have you ever wanted to run your own retreat, but have backed off because it seems overwhelming and scary? Um. Yes. Guilty. This post on hosting retreats is just what the doctor-who-wants-you-to-succeed ordered.

Amber Karnes guest posting on Your Kickass Life is the ultimate melding together of two of my absolute favorites, and this post, Ditch the Fat Talk, lives up to it’s greatness.

10 Places to Get Inspired.

Get the Happiest, Dreamiest Sleep Ever.

First and foremost on my mind these days – How to Buy Your First House: Part One and Part Two. YIP!

Make your life (more) awesome this week:

Get a support team. While we discussed investing in yourself on the blog this week, I primarily talked about things like getting an air conditioner (me) or hiring a coach to massively help you get back on track (all of us). I felt the need to revisit this topic to truly hammer the point home: there is absolutely no need to go about this (whatever your “this” is) all by yourself.

This may look like hiring a mental health care professional to help you sift through your emotional luggage, finding an accountant to get your finances in order, or finding yourself a highly recommended stylist to give your hair an attitude adjustment.

It might look like kicking back for a coffee date with your best friend.

Whatever it is that you need, allow yourself the investment of making strengthening your support system a priority. Take the time to call an old friend, just to catch up. Surprise your Grandparents with an impromptu dinner.

Rally the troops in whatever way feels deeply good for you.

Sometimes in our single-minded pursuit of the life of our dreams we work ceaselessly trying to get ahead or hole-up doing work or condemn ourselves to a mindset that no one will understand us. Not true! Open your eyes and heart to the people all around you that are ready and willing to hop on board and support you while you kick it up a notch.

Company truly does make everything better.


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  1. July 22, 2012 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    I love the yoga post! Yoga has really helped me tune into my body and learn how to honor it.

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