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Body Loving Blogosphere 07.29.12

Announcement: Body Loving Homework: Writing Prompts for Cultivating Self-Love is fresh from the designer and oh-so-glorious. The book will go live on August 6th in the new shop, but tomorrow I will be offering it early to my list, along with a super sweet early-bird discount. You are on the list, right? If not, absolutely no worries! Follow this link and you will be all set up to receive the offer + delicious bi-monthly eLetters from yours truly.

Two of my very favorites, Julie Parker of Beautiful You and Emma Kate Creative are teaming up for a deliciously he{art}felt giveaway + shop discount. Skidaddle on over and check it out.

How to Get Your {Work} Mojo Back.

Do you allow yourself the permission to staying with your feelings? Even when they are difficult? This post beautifully details the process that occurs when you stick with your self through your waves of emotion.

On forgiveness of yourself and others: Eventually, You Have to Stop Blaming Your Parents.

Worried that you need more work, more training, a better website, or a whole new personality before you start living the life of your dreams? You are already enough. Today, exactly as you are.

This week’s required reading: Loving Your Body at Any Age.

Fantastic new post from Danielle Dowling on how you spend your energetic currency:

If you choose to allow anxiety, anger + hopelessness to find a regular place in your heart + head you will perceive the world with fear + resentment.

If you practice identifying with the power of choice, understanding your innate wholeness + perceive all challenges as an opportunity for growth then you will look out on the world with elevated satisfaction.

17 Signs that You Need to Take Your Power Back.

As someone who feels the constant pull of how can I be even MORE productive, I loved Michelle’s review of WeekPlan.

Shame + the Money Script That Is Standing in Your Way – for those of you with the but no one will pay me this much to do what I love woes.

On the best (and worst?) of spending time on the internet.

Make your life (more) awesome this week:

The summer is half over on this side of the world, and it is a fantastic time to review and renew your summer goals! Did you start out the summer wanting to read that book that had been calling your name during the busy winter months? Did you pledge to get to the beach? Have you been wanting to make up a batch of sun tea, and kickback on your porch for an afternoon of sun and relaxation?

Do it. There is no time like the present.

This week, check out your calendar, and locate a little chunk of time to dedicate to making the most out of the heat and sunshine while we have them. Take this time selfishly, putting up your personal Do Not Disturb sign, and do something that makes you feel luxuriously alive. Relish in the energy that comes from restoring yourself like a snake on a hot rock – slow, relaxed, and delicious.

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    Great collection…slowly making my way through all the links!

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