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Body Loving Blogosphere 08.05.12

This week I had a post up over on Green Mountain at Fox Run’s site chatting about why it is important to love the journey that you’re on – instead of waiting until you reach the destination. In other fabulous GMFR related news – the workshop that I’m teaching there the week of September 9th – 15th is filling up! I want as many of you there as possible, so skedaddle on over now and secure yourself a 20% discount off your week’s stay with the code: Marzipan20.

You might be a people pleaser if….

I just loved this post about how a friend of mine helped Rachel Maddow find tortillas in the health food store in my town. Adorable. Also? Jealous.

This week’s required reading: Create yourself some space. We’re talking real space – heart, physical, emotional – the kind of space that’s a real life changer.

This week, Lisa Briggs asked 11 women about their self-care rituals for the launch of the Wise Woman Council, and it is all manner of gorgeous. 

Love is not a Strategy, an un-be-lievable + short post from Hiro Boga.

Rosie Molinary’s program Shine, 31 days to embracing your authentic, beautiful self, is off to a rousing start! Hurry on over and get in on the fun. It’s both free + awesome + there are some kick-ass gifts.

15 Ways to Make This Weekend a Body Positive One.

Hire someone to work hard so you don’t have to – How to Make Your Website Your Best Employee.

What do you suck at?

I won’t lie, I’ve been consumed by baby fever this week. Also, this honey themed baby shower was so adorable it didn’t help. At all.

The power of commitment – to a radically fantastic sex life – is quite revolutionary + it will change your life. 

Make your life (more) awesome this week: 

I am seriously so B-A-D at keeping secrets. I have got to tell you, not sharing all of the details about my brand new site and all of the changes is killing me. Luckily for me it goes live tomorrow, and the launch is going to be insanely awesome.

Luckily for you my weakness means a really fantastic present a day early, because I just couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. Make your life more awesome this week by signing up for my brand new, and completely free, mini-course: 5 Days of Deserving. Once you sign up, you will receive the welcome email and then an email every morning for the next five days with prompts for cultivating the most gorgeous + wonderful life that you can imagine for yourself - the life you deserve.

Hook yourself up and prepare to dig in to a five day quest into your heart, intuition + deep imagination. Sign up by clicking this link.

Don’t worry if you’re already on the mailing list – signing up for this mini-course will not double register you or mix up your subscription in any way.  This is just an additional bonus. Because I love you, of course. 

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