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Body Loving Blogosphere 08.12.12

Got to love a good uplifting post about the blessings in living with a chronic disease. Entirely heart-warming.

The question: “I’m not a size 0, can I still practice yoga?” You’re going to love the answer.

On the stigma inherent in weight-related conversations: Should we really be calling people “overweight”?

Required reading: Surrendering to Sabbath is So Sweet.

Love + Money Revolution is absolutely blowing my mind right now – in the best possible way. Here’s just one example in the sea of quite a few inspiring posts.

Ellie Di, The Headologist, is celebrating her leap into the exciting world of being completely, utterly self-employed. And, as a treat, she wrote a wonderful post about it.

Super lovable Q + A with one of my internet favorites, Alex Franzen.

Required reading II: What Happens When You Chop All Your Hair Off. Simply. Gorgeous.

Are you looking for some seriously soul-rocking quotes to revamp your vision board or get your inspiration pumping as you dive into a big project? 78 Inspirational Quotes to Start Your Fire has got you massively covered.

This is billed as a maternity dress, but I see all manner of non-pregnant potential. The braids? C’mon.

10 Radical Self-Love Exercises to Boost Summer Loving.

Make your life (more) awesome this week:

Reconsider your morning and evening routine. Do you rush through brushing your teeth or scrub your face ferociously in desperate attempt to get out the door? Do you skip washing up at night all together, because you are just so tired?

Pulling ourselves together in the morning or helping ourselves wind down in the evening is our sacred time – time (in the best possible world) behind a closed door and are permitted all of your own attention. This is golden, untouchable and wonderful time. You + your rituals of getting ready.

This week, think about your morning and evening routine – do they feel delicious and infused with self-care? How might you begin to make more space for yourself in this way, creating a ritual around this time, so that you are able to start and finish your day in a way that is relaxing and loving?

Do that.

2 Comments to Body Loving Blogosphere 08.12.12

  1. August 13, 2012 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    Love the quotes!!
    Also I while shopping in Target, I often find something super cute before realizing I’m in the maternity section! At least with tis dress you can wrap it so that it fits baby-bump or no!

  2. August 22, 2012 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    Thanks so much for linking to me, Mara! So very sweet of you.

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