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Body Loving Blogosphere 09.30.12

This post has just the right amount of tough love in it – Want Results? Do Something Different.

How I Recommitted to Taking Care of My Body.

Fabulous! The 2012 Nourishing Body Image Awards have opened up for nominations! Run on over and nominate your favorite sites, and stay tuned because I’m certain that there will be many amazing sites in the comments.

Required reading: Lady Gaga, Beauty, Ugliness, and the Call for a Real Body Revolution:

But then, I also have to pause. I notice my discomfort begin in earnest whenever we have conversations about beauty and body image that do not include in intentional analysis of beauty as something that lives right at the intersection of race, age, ability, gender and sex. It’s not an expendable luxury here, to name these things. For women of color, the notion of embracing and seeking the upside of ugliness is a complicated task in the fight against invisibility on one hand and hyper-visibility on the other.

I loved this series – Understanding What Your Body Wants, Part I and Part II.

What To Do If You Can’t Afford Coaching.

I really want to make this sweet potato porridge ASAP.

Christie Inge’s Peaceful Eating Kit is absolutely exquisite, and will get you right on your way to healing your relationship with eating.

Those of you who work for yourself – do you trust yourself to grow your business? This. Post. Changed. Everything.

Make your life (more) awesome this week:

Take a moment to think about whether or not you trust yourself. Do you believe that you have theright answers? Can you submit to believing that the “right” answers are the ones that are tailor cut for you, and not necessarily the road that everyone else is taking?

Or, are you hungrily grabbing up book after book, magazine after magazine, or ahem blog after blog, hoping that you’ll find the magic answer or pill that will save you from all of your troubles?

You are the answer (and hero) that you’ve been waiting for.

What might it feel like to believe this, even for a second?

Would anything change? Would everything change?

What comes up for you? If you’re feeling brave – hit me up in the comments so that I can support you.

I believe in you.

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