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Body Loving Blogosphere 11.11.12

How yoga changed my mind (and my relationship to my body).

OOH – this list of the 15 books that shaped Anna Guest-Jelley’s body lovin’ journey are spot on.

The  2o12 Nourishing Body Image Awards are IN!  And, there are a lot of good reads in there.

This week’s required reading: In praise of Zoloft.

I’m totally digging these Autumn salad ideas. YUM.

“You’re discontented because you’re actually really fucking great, but you’re terrified of your greatness” and other amazingness from Kate Courageous.

Reason number 1910290120912485893 why I think health insurance is oh-so-important.

Tamarisk Saunders-Davies on Envy:

She’s got smoother skin and less cellulite than me = I lose. Her boobs are smaller than mine = I win. She’s two sizes smaller than me = I lose.

My search for victory, security, adoration, love, esteem and high praise always ends in feeling less than, lonely, anxious, insecure and filled with self-loathing.

The problem, of course, is that we’re hard wired to compare ourselves. It’s proved a useful survival skill. It’s never going to go away but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a mega-dose of compassion and self-love along for the ride.

And that’s before she gets to how to tackle comparing yourself to others

Stop striving – you are already enough.

10 Magical Ways to Make Mercury Retrograde Awesome.

Attention Askholes everywhere. A must read for business owners.

How to make your life (more) awesome this week:

The holiday season is creeping up on us, and, if you’re anything like me, those weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years FLY BY. This week I encourage you to have a bit of a state of the union chat with yourself.

How has your self-care been lately?

Are there any gaping holes?

Any very important needs that you’ve been overlooking?

This is a gorgeous time to check in with yourself, and begin paying attention to things like sleep, hydration, and diet. Allow yourself the opportunity for a stress free holiday season by grounding yourself deeply in self-love. Take some time to pay attention to your needs, and prepare yourself for a smooth December.

Is this something that’s particularly hard for you or you feel like you need a how to get through the holidays without losing your shit refresher kit – you’ll want to get on my mailing list for updates about a new class that I’m cooking up with the lovely Christie Inge.

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    Love this write-up, Mara. Thanks for sharing. :)
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