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Body Loving Blogosphere 03.03.13

Required reading: Naming your body is a sacred right.

Are you ready to make space for what is true?

I am absolutely loving the conversation that Rachel Cole started on her blog last week with the post Change the Way You See Weight Change.

The 5 most valuable lessons I learned in a month of living on purpose.

I am not much of a crafter, but I am all over this DIY constellations scarf.

This post about self-love broke my heart right open.

You need this: the universal order form.

When you don’t love your body or yourself.

Jac McNeil + Anna Guest-Jelley? Yes, please!

5 ways to write a blow-your-mind manifesto.

I’m teaching a new class!

I’m teaching a class on Thursday, March 7th about amplifying your energy and self-care to supercharge your entrepreneurial lifestyle as a part of Nona Jordan’s Business Energy Series. I am THRILLED to get to jam with you guys about how to kick your business up a notch (or five), by digging deep into taking supreme care of your gorgeous self. Sign up for the class here.

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