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Self-love Coach. Masters Level Clinical Social Worker.
Memoirist + Blogger. Hula Hooping Heroine.

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Pleasure Reading 04.20.14

Required reading: When the time comes to be alone. I’m madly in love with the Pacific Northwest so I was delighted to share this travel guide with you for your next trip. A brilliant friend of mine has created this group excursion around activating your personal power. It is all kinds of gorgeous and she […]

Owning Your Worth

On any given day there are a million places to transfer our worth, allowing it to slip through our tender hands and attach itself to moments that pass by. Not enough food in the refrigerator… unworthy. Yelled at the kids for taking too long… unworthy. Favorite jeans really tight… unworthy. Bank account overdrawn… unworthy. Hysterically […]

Taking Up Space

Noticing from JetBlue Flight, Seat 18B It was the first time since we’ve been together that Cookie and I didn’t sit next to one another. Because we bought our tickets late, we were both sitting in the center seats of two different rows. Just thinking about the center seat makes my skin crawl.  Since I […]

Pleasure Reading 03.30.14

This cleanse is how I will be spending this next week – taking sweet care of myself and conjuring a much-needed spring reboot. Join me! It starts tomorrow!  How to write a book. Is life hard? Keep everything else simple. Two of my favorite business brains, Jac McNeil + Jen Louden, in one brilliant interview. One […]

Acceptance is Not Stagnation

There’s something that I need to talk to you about. And it begins with this message that I received yesterday… I also see a fine line between this form of self-understanding and also gently pushing yourself to be a better person. If all I really want to do is feel sorry for myself and hide […]

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I’m Mara Glatzel. I’m an intuitive coach and writer. I guide women home to themselves and teach them to create lives brimming with supreme self-care. read more
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