Body Loving Homework E-Course: Live


What if you were able rewrite your life on your own terms?

What if you knew this: You are already good. There is no enough.

You are not broken or too far gone or unworthy.  You are deserving, today.

The answer does not lie in whittling your flaws away, becoming less of who you are.

It lies in becoming more of who you are.

Body Loving Homework Live is a 12-week course in learning how to invite all of your parts to the table :: the messy parts, the parts you keep out of polite conversation, the parts you’d rather your date not see, the parts reserved for your quiet moments with yourself – when you speak sternly and utter the kinds of things you can’t take back.

This course is about telling those stories – the stories that keep you tethered to a life that is too small for you. The stories that hold all the answers. The stories that allow you to truly get to know yourself. 

This course is about mapping out a new way of relating to yourself – a way firmly grounded in self-love, self-trust and radical self-responsibility. 


In this moment, you may feel as though you are too much and not enough, simultaneously.

You may feel as though you have a deep yearning for a purpose, but also a deep fear about what it will take to get from here to there.


The Body Loving Homework E-Course is a powerful compilation of lessons and tools that invite you to become an active participant in your life, as you are taught to rewrite your concept of what is possible and question the beliefs that are holding you back.

These lessons are grounded in creating real-life tangible change – the kind you want shout about from the  rooftops.

Throughout this e-course, you will master the process of developing daily self-care practices – the foundation of how you commune with and relate to yourself on a daily basis.

This course is about healing your relationship with your body, but it is also about re-authoring your life.


This course is for you if…

… you have been feeling disconnected with your life and don’t know how to get back on track.
… you are great at creating plans or routines, but never follow through
… you are tired of feeling exhausted + overwhelmed, and need help cultivating a more sustainable life.
… you want to take really good care of yourself, but are too busy taking care of everyone else.
… you want to feel empowered + in charge of your life.


There (1) Embrace

I am inviting you to delve into these questions:

What if I was able to belong to myself? What if I was able to truly feel at home here – within my body and within my life? What would be possible for me, if I learned how to trust myself completely?

I am inviting you to re-author your stories and craft your next chapter.


About Me

Mara GlatzelMy name is Mara Glatzel. 

I’m an intuitive coach and writer. 

I am a reformed good girl, rule follower + control freak.

I was an individual extremely adept in knowing exactly what to say and do. I was on the track to a fancy degree, with a pretty marriage, and a blossoming bank account. Now, I have those things, but the course that I’ve taken to get here has been radically altered.

It happened when I got real and acknowledged the small box that I had been keeping my spirit in.

It happened when I got real and allowed myself to realize I was deeply hungry for a lot more than I was allowing myself.

It happened when I got real and changed the trajectory of my life. 

This course is the how-to manual for my process – the way in which I used writing to :: make peace with my body, usher intimacy into my relationships, ask for what I wanted (out loud + in the presence of others), set boundaries that felt really good, and learn how to love myself, finally, through and through.


About you

This course is for women who feel called in their hearts to step up and stand out.

This course is for women who know that the only way from here to there is through learning to accept all of their parts.  This course is for women who want love and support for the parts that feel unlovable and unsupportable.

This course is for women who are ready to do the work to make tomorrow just a little bit better than today. And, repeat.

You can be scared. You can feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to know what you’re supposed to do next.

You can choose to start here anyway. This is the perfect place.

This course will teach you to tap into your inner wisdom, and let it be your guide.

This course will hold your hand, as the road beneath your feet solidifies.

This course will be the ultimate love letter that you will write to yourself.

Your life will be better for it, that I can promise you.


About BLH Live

This course is a twelve week journey into cultivating your most important relationship – the one you have with yourself.

Each week, Body Loving Homework Live will guide you through a different of aspect of your life – inviting you to use your writing to explore the places in your life where you can seek more joy, more ease, and more authenticity.

Weekly topics are: the physical body, emotional body, relationships, sex, money, right livelihood, home and physical space, forgiveness, and deserving.

Re-authoring our stories in the company of a brave community of women provides us with the opportunity to find clarity around where we’ve been and to dig into our deepest desires as we begin to ask ourselves what’s next. 

You will be heard. You will be supported. You will be challenged. You will be applauded.

I will be there to ask you the important questions, the hard questions, and to hold space for you as you begin to unearth your truths.

Most importantly, however, I will be there to celebrate with you, and to witness you, as you become more fully expressed in every aspect of your life. 

BLH Live includes:

  • Access to a private online workspace for you to complete your work + gather with the BLH community
  • Daily coaching. I am very active in the forums – asking questions + supporting your process
  • Pre-work + post-work exercises to ground you into this experience
  • 10 weekly lessons – with videos, worksheets + writing prompts
  • Weekly group coaching calls to dig into the material + ask questions
  • 2 private 30-minute sessions with me to help you warm up to the class + cool down

Want a sneak peak?

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Download a Sample Worksheet Listen to anAudio Clip

Download the

Course Syllabus


Please note

This work will require as much time as you are ready to give. Expect that this will expand or contract depending on the topic – some will open up the floodgates and some will not.

BLH Live 2014 is filled to the brim! Though I adore this course from the bottom of my heart, this will be the last time that I run it live. 


I believe

That when you love yourself – decisions are made easily, self-care adds to your life instead of subtracting from it, and you have the courage to pursue the things that bring you joy.

Loving yourself is worthwhile.

It means choosing to take care of yourself and be kind, instead of whipping or punishing yourself for failing to live up to your ever-climbing expectations.

Loving yourself is crucial.

Claim your birthright – you deserve a life grounded in the utmost care and respect for yourself.

Loving yourself is easy.

When you let go of expected outcomes, and commit yourself to celebrating the journey. 



Hey there!

I love that you are interested in this course. Unfortunately, this round is blissfully FULL and this will be the last time that I run this course live. However, there are many other classes and exciting events on the radar.

Skidaddle on over here to check out what’s coming up next



Your Questions, Answered

Image Map

When are the live calls? What if I can’t attend live?

The weekly live calls will take place on Tuesday evenings at 5 pm EST. If you cannot attend live, don’t fear! I will be recording all of the calls and putting them up on the discussion boards within 24 hours. You will have ample opportunity to ask me questions ahead of time and get individual coaching attention from me on the discussion boards.

What’s the deal with the 2-payment + 3-payment options?

This payment option means that instead of paying the tuition in full, you will pay the tuition in installments. The first installment will be the moment that you click to purchase, with the second following 30 days later. With the 3 pay option, a third payment will be made 30 days after the second.

Need a four payment plan? Email me to discuss it

Wait a second! I thought this was about my body, why does the syllabus talk about things like money, right livelihood, or physical space?

Yes. Part of this e-course is about your relationship with your body.  But, more importantly, it is about your relationship with your life. For many years, I thought my life would be “perfect once I lost weight,” and that was code for:

I’m uninspired with my day-to-day existence. My lack of confidence is keeping me from pursuing a relationship that would turn me on 100% or a job that might be the perfect fit for me. I don’t even know where to begin with my life, so I just keep doing what feels comfortable. I know I want something, but I haven’t even taken the time to figure out what that means. I hate living paycheck to paycheck. I am stressed out all day long knowing how messy my house is – I’m ashamed to invite anyone over.

This e-course will illuminate how the different aspects of your life are connected, and provide you with tools for cultivating whole-life change. And yes, when you’re truly happy and trust yourself, your relationship with your body improves as well.

What kind of platform is the Body Loving Homework E-Course run on?

Oooh, I am so glad that you asked. The course will be run on a Ruzuku platform, which I simply adore. Using this state of the art teaching platform, participants will be able to create their own profiles, keep track of their progress throughout the course, and share their writing – all on a confidential + seriously cool course website.

Will you run this class again soon?

This will be the last time that I run Body Loving Homework Live. 

What is the refund policy for this e-course?

Because of the intimate nature of this work and the importance of cultivating a cozy community, the tuition for this class is non-refundable. When you’re in, I want you to be all in and excited to engage with the course work.

More questions?

Email me to ask me anything about the course or to set up a quick chat to see if it will be a good fit for you. I would love to help you in any way that I can.