Morning Rituals for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

July 01, 2014
Once upon a time, my mornings started like this Wake up to alarm clock set really early - even though I worked for myself, at home I would rub my eyes blearily while checking my email from my horizontal position Since I hadn't yet defined my boundaries in my busines, I would inevitably come acros email in there that made me hop out of bed in panic that I was doing everything wrong Then I would run downstairs, chug a bunch of coffee, shake ... keep reading

Early Mornings & Taking Responsibility: Where the Magic Happens

June 19, 2014
I woke up at 5:30 this morning I am not a morning person I shuffled with all of the other one million people trying to get through security at Logan Airport shortly after 6 am I was disgruntled as I pulled off my shoes and shoved my computer in a plastic bin A creature of habit, I'm not particularly good with change New airline New terminal New lay of the land And, early I felt stuck in my body, heavy and slow, and cramped and dehydrated ... keep reading

When To Throw Your Life Rules Out The Window

June 18, 2014
I am not a product of my circumstances I am a product of my decisions {Stephen Covey} This is a post for the moment when you look around your life, really examining each piece in the complex fabric that surrounds you, and can't see your gorgeous spirit reflected back at you, no matter where you look and your job feels like a place where you have to pretend to be someone else to keep everyone from catching on to your deep suspicion that you ... keep reading

Finding Joy In the Cracks & Crevices of Painful Moments

June 13, 2014
Because I can't heal the hind legs of my old dog who can barely walk this morning Or put a bandaid over the overflow of anxiety bursting through my seams Because, in this moment, folding the clothing in my basket feels hard And my to-do list is a mile long Because I woke up grieving the feeling of my Grandmother's fingernails scratching my back, soothing me as I fell asleep And I've already dropped my computer once today I ... keep reading

Living With Intention

June 12, 2014
Deep beneath your daily actions and to-do lists and inner dialogue is a realm guided by intention Intention is the way that you plug into your inherent worthines and the vision that you have for your life It is the roadmap and the path laid out before you It is not a series of steps to follow  Instead, it is the glue that you keep returning to, adhering you to your divine purpose on this planet  Many of us have this backwards, ... keep reading