Finding Joy In the Cracks & Crevices of Painful Moments

June 13, 2014
Because I can't heal the hind legs of my old dog who can barely walk this morning Or put a bandaid over the overflow of anxiety bursting through my seams Because, in this moment, folding the clothing in my basket feels hard And my to-do list is a mile long Because I woke up grieving the feeling of my Grandmother's fingernails scratching my back, soothing me as I fell asleep And I've already dropped my computer once today I ... keep reading

Living With Intention

June 12, 2014
Deep beneath your daily actions and to-do lists and inner dialogue is a realm guided by intention Intention is the way that you plug into your inherent worthines and the vision that you have for your life It is the roadmap and the path laid out before you It is not a series of steps to follow  Instead, it is the glue that you keep returning to, adhering you to your divine purpose on this planet  Many of us have this backwards, ... keep reading

The Place Where Ambition Thrives

June 03, 2014
Ambition comes in many forms and flavors Sometimes it licks at our heels when we are running in the direction of our wildest dreams Sometimes, it coils deep in our stomach, seething in the form of jealousy or comparison When I am internally aligned with my divine purpose, ambition curves its way deliciously up my backbone, reinforcing my the things that I desire to accomplish with the energy to take one step forward and then ... keep reading

Treading The Path of Sensual Living

May 27, 2014
The brimming, opening The noticing, the deep need, a voracious black hole of yearning Too many of us are living in fear of our desires  Instead, we are walking around the world, disconnected from ourselves We are moving through our daily lives without pausing to notice feeling of fabric on our skin or the silky taste of our first cup of coffee We have severed ourselves from actively embodying our skins Perhaps it has been painful for ... keep reading

Peeling Back The Layers of Comparison

May 19, 2014
The urge to compare ourselves to others is that feeling that bubbles up from somewhere deep in the abys of our psyche, momentarily taking over our limbs, eyes, and mind, as we scan the crowd to find new subjects to add fuel to the fire That coach has a nicer website than me She is just SO perfect Look how beautifully she launched her latest course I'll never do anything like that OH and THAT coach  Oh how NICE it must be to have a ... keep reading