Treading The Path of Sensual Living

May 27, 2014
The brimming, opening The noticing, the deep need, a voracious black hole of yearning Too many of us are living in fear of our desires  Instead, we are walking around the world, disconnected from ourselves We are moving through our daily lives without pausing to notice feeling of fabric on our skin or the silky taste of our first cup of coffee We have severed ourselves from actively embodying our skins Perhaps it has been painful for ... keep reading

Peeling Back The Layers of Comparison

May 19, 2014
The urge to compare ourselves to others is that feeling that bubbles up from somewhere deep in the abys of our psyche, momentarily taking over our limbs, eyes, and mind, as we scan the crowd to find new subjects to add fuel to the fire That coach has a nicer website than me She is just SO perfect Look how beautifully she launched her latest course I'll never do anything like that OH and THAT coach  Oh how NICE it must be to have a ... keep reading

Praying in the Kitchen

May 13, 2014
When my world gets big and discombobulated, I often find myself in the moment of choice I could choose to become escalated, loud I could choose to rail against the multitude of things showing up, throwing myself on the floor in a fit of tears and terror about the enormity of it all Or I could choose to settle into a state of quiet coexistence with all that is happening around me I find myself by pulling out the cutting board Readying my ... keep reading

Permission to Accept Yourself, As You Are

May 07, 2014
I was having a conversation with myself this morning as I cooked breakfast about how we choose to show up in the world - and the different between a carefully crafted appearance vs allowing yourself to truly stand in your own light For many years, my presence in the world was that of a pre-rehearsed, glosed over and highly ambitious woman I pulled myself together I showed up I worked through things in private so that I would have an answer ... keep reading

Welcome to My New Online Space

April 28, 2014
Hey there I am so very, very excited today Welcome to my new site I have been working on this project for the last couple of months behind the scenes with the amazing, brilliant web designer and rebrand exper Evan Leah Quinn of Sixteen July, and I am overjoyed to launch it into the world today What's new (Oh I'm so glad you asked) In the shop I have created an on-demand version of 31 Days of Deserving, so you can get your deserving on ... keep reading
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