Acceptance is Not Stagnation

March 27, 2014
There's something that I need to talk to you about And it begins with this mesage that I received yesterday I also see a fine line between this form of self-understanding and also gently pushing yourself to be a better person If all I really want to do is feel sorry for myself and hide under the covers I might actually be shooting myself in the foot Closing myself off to opportunities that may enrich me and make me feel more alive It came ... keep reading

Spring Cleaning

March 21, 2014
Yesterday was the Spring equinox, heralding the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere And with it, I feel a presing desire to unburden myself of what's no longer serving me, shaking off the winter, and cleaning up the way that I take care of myself I have spoken about my personal rituals about self-care before, many times, but if you are interested in delving deeply into it, I recommend these posts A Declaration in ... keep reading

Driven By Desire

March 18, 2014
There are moments when I look about this life now in wonder, imagining the thousands of little steps that it took to get from there to here The thousands of moments of recalibration, realignment with my true desires - and not the stories that I told myself about what a good life looked like It is still surprising to me that I am at home in this life It is so far from the briefcase and travel coffee mug and commute that I yearned for during my ... keep reading

When Women Gather in Rest & Play

March 13, 2014
Women require both play and rest in order to be whole We ache for it We hunger for it And often, instead of meeting our needs for rest and play, we feel the mounting tension in our bodies, coiled like a snake ready to strike We find ourselves yelling at strangers in traffic, battling with our loved ones, and becoming profesionally run ragged We lose ourselves  Sometimes, it's been so long since we've tapped into that part of ... keep reading

I Want to Feel…

March 06, 2014
Grace and mercy Gratitude that hugs me deep in my fear of abandon Uncomplicated rest rest and inexplicably rejuvenated by my day-to-day Ease Purpose-driving, spirit-driven The divine soul retrieval of a human who knows her place The full breadth of my mama nature - nurturing, whole, and beautiful The richnes of birthing beauty into the world, the cozines of gestation The startled surprise of a magical encounter The tender ... keep reading