I Want to Feel…

March 06, 2014
Grace and mercy Gratitude that hugs me deep in my fear of abandon Uncomplicated rest rest and inexplicably rejuvenated by my day-to-day Ease Purpose-driving, spirit-driven The divine soul retrieval of a human who knows her place The full breadth of my mama nature - nurturing, whole, and beautiful The richnes of birthing beauty into the world, the cozines of gestation The startled surprise of a magical encounter The tender ... keep reading

Motivation & Permission to be Human

February 25, 2014
You do not have to be good You do not have to walk on your knees For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves {an excerpt from Wild Geese by Mary Oliver} Lately, I've been having many conversations with my clients about motivation - why they want it, how they shame themselves for not having it, and how conjuring up some would change everything I have to admit to you, I ... keep reading

Comparison, Fear & Giving Your Power Away

February 19, 2014
In the proces of having my website redesigned, Leah Tompkins (design + branding extraordinaire) and I were having a conversation about my desired aesthetic I mentioned a friend of mine, saying that since I adore her so much and respect her work, I want to cultivate a very different look though we have similar tastes and color palettes Leah off handedly mentioned that typically designers receive the opposite request, hearing: Oh you know ... keep reading

The Magical History of Body Loving Homework

February 13, 2014
I created the first incarnation of Body Loving Homework during the Summer of 2009 The dream was to cultivate a series of writing prompts that allowed women to experience their bodies in a different way - allowed them to renovate their relationship with their sacred vesel and begin to find peace  What began with that dream, unfolded into a ebook several years later My first product My first major labor of love When Body Loving ... keep reading

Belly Laughs, Women Gathering & Being Seen

February 10, 2014
Just one year ago, I remember peering hungrily into my Instagram feed as a dozen beautiful women gathered Now, of course, images only depict one, carefully curated part of the story, but these images ignited something deep in my gut This yearning, fire and grit, bubbled up - hot and unyielding - and took me by surprise, my nose presed up against the metaphorical window hungry for the beauty within Connection Beauty Laughter - the real ... keep reading