Tender Sustainability

February 05, 2014
This week, I wrote a secret prayer for a woman that I don't know I rolled it up and laid it sweetly into an a tiny altar that I had made for her, surrounded by star shaped sparkles and images of blooms budding I wrote: You deserve a revision - then another Delicious, unhurried mornings Tender, toe-curling romance The slow luxury of knowing that there is no race, no rush - simply you being exactly who you are You deserve to tend to your sweet ... keep reading

Having Your Own Back: Self-Love & Business

January 31, 2014
In the beginning, I built a busines on a foundation of self-love, but, ultimately, building my busines taught me what it really meant to stand by and take care of myself In the beginning, I wrote (often) about the importance of loving yourself and of accepting yourself exactly as you were I wrote about body image and the basics of self-care, embodying the difficulties that many women humans experience in taking sweet care of ... keep reading

Unencumbered Truth :: Burning With Desire

January 28, 2014
Desires, when left unattended to, curl up deep in the pit of your core  At first, they may wriggle uncomfortably and clang around, but then, after a period of time, they calm, turning in on themselves and seething quietly Until, finally, still and unanswered, they atrophy as your attention is directly elsewhere In my experience, no matter how long we ignore our desires, they will not disappear Instead, they lay in wait until watered by a ... keep reading

The Broken Doll, Letting Go & Living By Heart

January 23, 2014
I am a reforming rule follower A recovering control freak I am almost always in the constant state of reminding myself to unclench my fists, relax my shoulders, and stop white-knuckling my life  This is how I survived for many years I achieved at energetically reading a crowd and morphing myself into whatever I thought might be easily digestible, acceptable, and valued I was born a chameleon I often tell my clients that I held my ... keep reading

Brave Love

January 20, 2014
The truth of the matter is: sometimes it is really hard to love yourself Sometimes, you wake up and nothing in your closet fits Sometimes, you get triggered and respond by yelling and screaming and stomping around and then panic about being unlovable which makes you feel even les lovable Sometimes, people are mean to you for no reason, and you internalize it as though you are inherently flawed Sometimes, people are mean to you for a very ... keep reading