Ready to be Reborn

December 03, 2013
My hou e i heated by a wood tove Many morning , I gaze into the fire, oothed by the crackle and burn of the warmth Today, a me age from the fire: I am ready to be reborn In my mo t recent email to my community, I opened with the e line : I am rowdy at my core I am tubborn in my acred de ire for evolution I have a deep wi h to return home to my elf, no matter how far I've gone and no matter how overwhelming the ... keep reading

Thanksgiving Love & My Favorite Eating "Rules"

November 28, 2013
I wa thinking about you thi morning I woke up thinking about all of the Thank giving-celebrating women who are waking up and feeling excited/nervou /overwhelmed at the pro pect of caring for them elve lovingly today I woke up thinking about what it mean to feed our elve , to truly nouri h our elve , on holiday - and every other day of the year Over the cour e of my life, I have had a very difficult time taying in my body during ... keep reading

Staying With & Honoring Your Body

November 18, 2013
Thi pa t week, I have been paying particular attention to what it feel like to be in my body and in energetic integrity with my need Over the cour e of our day we are given the opportunity to make dozen of choice Choice about what to eat, when to leep, how to hydrate, how to move our bodie joyfully, and the beautiful opportunitie to honor our need for belonging and phy ical intimacy We get to choo e We get to choo e to tay with ... keep reading

Comfortably Uncomfortable

November 06, 2013
I'm not an overtly adventurou per on by nature I have a tendency to move lowly To incubate idea , imagining their hape and form during month of ge tation I have a predilection for having thing  ju t o  Yet, I al o have a deep de ire for new experience , divine movement, and life out ide of the careful confine of the te ted and the true  I have a deep de ire to do the thing that care me To pu h through my di comfort to find my elf ... keep reading

Having Brave Love For Yourself

November 01, 2013
Your light i undeniable Your pirit and your oul are full and brilliant Even in the darkne , in the moment when thing aren't going your way, you can choo e to have brave love for your elf Brave love i the flexible kind of love that you have for the one clo e t to you Thi love i the wirling matrix of complex emotion It i you, juggling weetne and di appointment It i you, wrapping your arm tight around all that you are - the ... keep reading
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