Comfortably Uncomfortable

November 06, 2013
I'm not an overtly adventurous person by nature I have a tendency to move slowly To incubate ideas, imagining their shape and form during months of gestation I have a predilection for having things just so  Yet, I also have a deep desire for new experiences, divine movement, and life outside of the careful confines of the tested and the true  I have a deep desire to do the things that scare me To push through my discomfort to find myself ... keep reading

Having Brave Love For Yourself

November 01, 2013
Your light is undeniable Your spirit and your soul are full and brilliant Even in the darknes, in the moments when things aren't going your way, you can choose to have brave love for yourself Brave love is the flexible kind of love that you have for the ones closest to you This love is the swirling matrix of complex emotions It is you, juggling sweetnes and disappointment It is you, wrapping your arms tight around all that you are - the ... keep reading

When Our Darkest Parts Seem Impossible to Hold

October 29, 2013
There are movies that I feel compelled to watch, even though I know that they will be hugely difficult and triggering for me I see them coming my way, peripherally watching the trailers or making plans to see them with my friends And then, when it comes to watching them, I freeze There is never a good day to break your heart wide open There is never a good day to travel to that deep and dark part of your experience and chip away at the ... keep reading

Permission to Surrender

October 11, 2013
There are things that you want for your life  a divine purpose a job that lights you up, a job that re-energizes you a relationship that melts your bones and ignites the part of your heart that still wonders if you are actually lovable a reason for waking up in the morning a published book, a degree in the field that you love (even if you already have degrees in fields that you don't love quite so much), a project that you want ... keep reading

When Women Gather In Truth

October 09, 2013
At first, it was a longing on my behalf - to join with gorgeous women in person To feel the presure of their bodies beneath my hug and look into their eyes I was longing to work with women in a new way, getting our hands mesy with glitter and sand To join with my partner in cultivating a nest rich for growth and change Second, the invitation I opened my heart to the seven women who would travel to my little spit of land and gather ... keep reading
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