The Stories That Stand Between Us & Belonging

August 01, 2013
The quiet truth: I'm a lot to handle  I'm mart I'm loud I'm beautiful I'm curvy I'm wildly ambitiou I love like it' my full-time job, which, it ort of i I am a lot to handle  I don't hold back I thrive in melodrama I have a thing about other people living up to their potential I am opinionated I'm pa ionate I move quickly I move lowly I refu e external timeline For the majority of my life, I told my elf a tory :: You ... keep reading

Jealousy is my Greatest Teacher

July 29, 2013
About ix month ago, I found my elf in the deep, painful clutche of jealou y It felt like there were wall going up all around Thick wall , without window ealing me in and hiding me from view In ide thi fortre , I began to unravel, my heart aching for omething I wa yearning for Almo t immediately, I wooped in to ave my elf from the aby of hurt, walking in familiar circle with my elf  You're a loner That' your tyle  You can't ... keep reading

Self-Love Series :: Sas Petherick

July 26, 2013
The newe t in tallment of the Self-Love erie i here!   The Self-Love Serie i an interview erie ho ted by your truly and the phenomenal Margarita Tartakov ky from P ych Central’ blog Weightle  and  MargaritaTartakov kycom  We have teamed up to bring you a monthly interview erie around learning the beautiful and delicate art of  elf-love I am thrilled to introduce today' interview with Sa Petherick! Sa i a ... keep reading

The Beauty in Showing Up Messy

July 22, 2013
I have been planning thi po t, but I almo t didn't publi h it today See, I told my elf, no one read po t publi hed after 8 am Subtext: Good writer have their po t up by 8 am It i 1 o'clock in the afternoon You are not good You do not de erve to be read Try again tomorrow Thi i a po t about nipping the tether of perfectioni m And it almo t didn't happen, becau e of my perfectioni tic tendencie The irony i not lo t on ... keep reading

Women who Celebrate: Treat YO Self Challenge with Shenee Howard

July 10, 2013
Welcome to the Women who Celebrate  erie  Women who Celebrate  eek to unlea h the heer beauty of the celebratory pirit In conceiving of the project, I wanted to hare the imple truth of how celebration can hift the trajectory of your life, allowing in more permi ion, more joy, and more ea e In thinking about how to amplify ome gorgeou energy around thi idea, I thought it would be fabulou to interview ome women that that ... keep reading
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