A Love Note to Those With Big Dreams :: 4 Steps to Making It Happen

September 06, 2013
I know that in your heart, you want a thriving life that provides you the time, space, and FREEDOM to take do the things that light you up, take care of yourself, and have enough cash to bankroll the operation with ease and fluidity I know that you've been working hard, for quite some time I know that you want more for yourself, but that you're so damn exhausted form maintaining the status quo that working on anything but what's in front of ... keep reading

Instant Gratification vs. Constant Gratification

September 04, 2013
When I work with women who have spend much of their life and money fixing themselves, I always feel it immediately in their energy In moments I can almost slip it back on, because it was a feeling that I wore for so much of my life It is the frantic, hopeful wanting - wanting to be good, wanting to be whole, wanting to become lovable The calculating - breaking the journey down into money, time, results, lbs, calories, hours, days The ... keep reading

Finding Your Why

August 21, 2013
There are many days when I ask myself why I am doing what I am doing Days when I want to give up Days when I want to launch face first into a box of cupcakes Days when I want to cry and beg someone else to fix it for me, pay for it for me, choose it for me Days when I want to cash in and get a job where someone one else can just tell me what to do Days when I to be healed, fixed, or transformed at the snap of my fingers Days when, instead ... keep reading

Loving Your True Nature

August 14, 2013
Often when women come to work with me they are hungry for connection, for community In our first sesion together, they describe a common feeling and fear :: I want to belong I want to find my people I want to know myself better I want to feel safe to be who I really am I want to know that who I am is lovable, worthy  These are women that are spectacular They have huge hearts They are uniquely creative They are beautiful - inside and ... keep reading

The Beautiful Art of Belonging to Ourselves

August 05, 2013
Make dinner Pay the bills Achieve the thing Get the guy Lose the last ten pounds Pick up the kids Take care of a friend Do that one millionth thing that you said yes to - even when you desperately wanted to say no Get the degree Start the busines Figure it out Show up Find your true purpose Be sexy Be on  Responsible Lovable Kind Nice Generous Good We are busy We are busy moving about in the world, showing up and following ... keep reading