The Stories That Stand Between Us & Belonging

August 01, 2013
The quiet truth: I'm a lot to handle  I'm smart I'm loud I'm beautiful I'm curvy I'm wildly ambitious I love like it's my full-time job, which, it sort of is I am a lot to handle  I don't hold back I thrive in melodrama I have a thing about other people living up to their potential I am opinionated I'm pasionate I move quickly I move slowly I refuse external timelines For the majority of my life, I told myself a story :: You ... keep reading

Jealousy is my Greatest Teacher

July 29, 2013
About six months ago, I found myself in the deep, painful clutches of jealousy It felt like there were walls going up all around Thick walls, without windows sealing me in and hiding me from view Inside this fortres, I began to unravel, my heart aching for something I was yearning for Almost immediately, I swooped in to save myself from the abys of hurt, walking in familiar circles with myself  You're a loner That's your style  You can't ... keep reading

Self-Love Series :: Sas Petherick

July 26, 2013
The newest installment of the Self-Love series is here!   The Self-Love Series is an interview series hosted by yours truly and the phenomenal Margarita Tartakovsky from Psych Central’s blog Weightles and  MargaritaTartakovskycom  We have teamed up to bring you a monthly interview series around learning the beautiful and delicate art of self-love I am thrilled to introduce today's interview with Sas Petherick! Sas is a ... keep reading

The Beauty in Showing Up Messy

July 22, 2013
I have been planning this post, but I almost didn't publish it today See, I told myself, no one reads posts published after 8 am Subtext: Good writers have their posts up by 8 am It is 1 o'clock in the afternoon You are not good You do not deserve to be read Try again tomorrow This is a post about snipping the tether of perfectionism And it almost didn't happen, because of my perfectionistic tendencies The irony is not lost on ... keep reading

Women who Celebrate: Treat YO Self Challenge with Shenee Howard

July 10, 2013
Welcome to the Women who Celebrate series Women who Celebrate seeks to unleash the sheer beauty of the celebratory spirit In conceiving of the project, I wanted to share the simple truths of how celebration can shift the trajectory of your life, allowing in more permision, more joy, and more ease In thinking about how to amplify some gorgeous energy around this idea, I thought it would be fabulous to interview some women that that ... keep reading