Letting Our Light Shine Through

May 02, 2013
Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in {Leonard Cohen} Over the course of my life, I have been very fond of saying that my time to shine is the exact moment when the cracks start to show and things begin to unravel I have a penchant for the exact second when things shift from pretty to vulnerable, when we allow ourselves to be truly witnesed by others For ... keep reading

Self-Care is Not A Punishment

April 23, 2013
At many points during  my life, my understanding about caring for myself was skewed As in, oh honey, you've had such a bad day, that cupcake will totally make you feel better And, you've worked so hard, skip your workout, you've earned the right to have a Netflix marathon  Or, don't go out and spend time with your friends, it all sounds so exhausting, just hop on the couch Yep And after having lived much of my life under the ... keep reading

Who I Am, Today: Change + Radical Self-Responsibility

April 18, 2013
Recently, I put a post up on our Facebook page about change, and allowing ourselves the permision to change Many people commented, but one in particular stood out in my mind She said, "I might say it's not only ok (to change), it's suggested" Yes Immediately And then, but why the hell has it been so hard A knot formed in my stomach, and my heart felt full when I thought about the relationship that I've had with change for the duration of my ... keep reading

Finding (& Sharing) the Beauty in Your Life

April 11, 2013
In defense of my love affair with you instagramming of your perfect life Also in defense of authentic social media-ing Alternate title: The Antidote for Envying Others is Learning to Love What You Already Have  The other day I was talking to my wife about photography, something that I have recently taken a bit of an interest in I like to be comfortably late to every party, so I just discovered Instagram Yep, I do what I can My wife, who has ... keep reading

Devoting Yourself to Your Life

April 04, 2013
I'm curious, how do you know that you are living a life that is truly yours What does that mean to you How might it feel to be living in that life, moving about your day This morning, in a flash, I started thinking about this concept in images Imagine, you are walking into a fully furnished home or one of those corporate suites that you rent by the week or month You know, the kind where all of the furniture matches and the kitchen ... keep reading