Finding (& Sharing) the Beauty in Your Life

April 11, 2013
In defense of my love affair with you instagramming of your perfect life Also in defense of authentic social media-ing Alternate title: The Antidote for Envying Others is Learning to Love What You Already Have  The other day I was talking to my wife about photography, something that I have recently taken a bit of an interest in I like to be comfortably late to every party, so I just discovered Instagram Yep, I do what I can My wife, who has ... keep reading

Devoting Yourself to Your Life

April 04, 2013
I'm curious, how do you know that you are living a life that is truly yours What does that mean to you How might it feel to be living in that life, moving about your day This morning, in a flash, I started thinking about this concept in images Imagine, you are walking into a fully furnished home or one of those corporate suites that you rent by the week or month You know, the kind where all of the furniture matches and the kitchen ... keep reading

My Story + Why I Created Body Loving Homework Live

April 02, 2013
I have told parts of my stories many times before I have told the stories of self-loathing The stories using food to smother unacceptable feelings The stories of when I didn't say no when I wanted to, because I didn't feel like I deserved it I've told the sad stories, the ones that I have been deeply ashamed of I realized this weekend that I hadn't ever paused to tell the stories that is beneath all of the stories, which, is also the story of ... keep reading

The Power of the Stories We Tell

March 29, 2013
Though we may not always feel that way, each and every one of us is enormously powerful  The stories that we tell ourselves determine what we believe to be posible for us - what we deserve out of our lives We are our stories We are our truths We are what we believe ourselves to be Sometimes, when we are trying to get to where we want to be in our lives - and see ourselves the way that we desire to see ourselves - re-authoring ... keep reading

Learning the Rules to Your Own Game: Decision Making + Self-Love

March 26, 2013
I don't know how you make your decisions, but I do know how I used to make them It looked a lot like this: Notice something that I wanted to do, get really excited about it, wonder if it could posibly be true, decide that it couldn't be true because of _____, ask all of my friends, talk myself out of whatever it was that caught my attention, and sit in sadnes believing that really good things never happen to me  I knew what I should do I ... keep reading