Self-Love Series: Hannah Marcotti

March 12, 2013
The newe t in tallment of the Self-Love erie i here!   The Self-Love Serie i an interview erie ho ted by your truly and the phenomenal Margarita Tartakov ky from P ych Central’ blog Weightle  and  MargaritaTartakov kycom  We have teamed up to bring you a monthly interview erie around learning the beautiful and delicate art of  elf-love I am thrilled to introduce today' interviewee, Hannah Marcotti Hannah i a coach, ... keep reading

A Very Merry Birthday Sale

March 08, 2013
It' my birthday, and I am ec tatic to hare it with you I've been paying attention, li tening you a you de cribe what you've been worrying about I know that you've been collecting elf-help book , but that you're ecretly craving ome concrete kill and tool that you can u e to take care of your elf You're ick of finding your elf on the dre ing room floor, urrounded by clothing that neither fit nor repre ent your unique en e of ... keep reading

29 Things I’d Love to do (and Have) Before 29

March 07, 2013
Tomorrow i my birthday Why didn't I ju t publi h thi li t ON my birthday, you a k Tomorrow' pot ha been re erved for an exciting 24 hour birthday  SALE  Skip on over if fir t thing if you've been jone ing for ome elf-love in your life, or hop on thi li t to be notified the minute the door open  I love getting excited for my birthday, by thinking long and hard about all of the exciting thing that I want to do with the next year ... keep reading

Tales From The Groundskeeper: Real Self-Care

February 28, 2013
Thi month, elf-care ha been on my mind It ha been on my mind, becau e I have been both deeply needing and deeply providing Needing a oft place to land  Needing food that fill me up, in tead of breaking me down  Needing a much leep a I can get  Needing pace to move about freely and wide blank day in my calendar  Needing the clo e proximity of love, without the overwhelm of touch  Needing the word that re-affirm, a many ... keep reading

Learning To Love Your Life, As It Is

February 26, 2013
On Facebook everal day ago, I a ked, What would feel different if you aid to your elf: I love my life right now I did it on a whim, but in the day following, I've felt the que tion unfurl my heart and take up re idence there I had everal re pon e to that po t, mo t of which tated imply: I will try, but I cannot love my life a it i now I can only love my life if I think about it a a progre ion to omething better I under tood, a ... keep reading
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