Learning To Love Your Life, As It Is

February 26, 2013
On Facebook several days ago, I asked, What would feel different if you said to yourself: I love my life right now I did it on a whim, but in the days following, I've felt the question unfurl my heart and take up residence there I had several responses to that post, most of which stated simply: I will try, but I cannot love my life as it is now I can only love my life if I think about it as a progresion to something better I understood, as ... keep reading

Pillows, Your Spirit + Living Your Life, Actively

February 21, 2013
Last week, I bought myself a new pillow This pillow is so soft, it's like sleeping on a cloud It is the most comfortable pillow that I have ever laid my head on I had never bought myself a pillow before Before that moment in time, I had no idea how my pillows arrived in my life Maybe I stole them from my father's house, or borrowed them from my sisters Maybe they magically appeared in my life without my being any the wiser Pillow choosing would ... keep reading

Damn, You're Hot

February 19, 2013
This is a guest post written by the lovely Danielle Dowling Enjoy! I met a girlfriend for an early morning cup of coffee + conversation in West Hollywood recently I have a handful of favorite spots that I can count on to make a sharp, bitter espreso I arrived a few minutes early (which rarely happens) and ordered a pot of coffee while I waited for her to join me Minutes later she came scurrying in, wide smile, long brown hair tied back and ... keep reading

100 Ways to Show Yourself Some Mega Love

February 14, 2013
1 Buy a journal Start writing down some truths 2 Gift yourself a book of truths written by someone who you really admire Get lost between the pages 3 Create a Best Case Scenario playlist filled with your favorite songs, and play whenever you need to amplify your good energy 4 Pull on an outfit that is incredibly soft to touch Don't have one What are you waiting for 5 Listen to a Madeline L'Engle audiobook, revel in the fantasy and ... keep reading

What's Love Got to Do With It

February 12, 2013
It boils down to this: At the end of the day, you've got yourself  You've got the body that you are sitting in at this moment You've got the heart that stands by, waiting to guide your way You are a collection of skin, cells, breath, and energy Now, there are two ways to approach yourself 1 Dragging yourself around Living in spite of yourself 2 Digging in Getting Cozy Embracing the full expanse of your experience on this planet It occurred to ... keep reading
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