Pillows, Your Spirit + Living Your Life, Actively

February 21, 2013
La t week, I bought my elf a new pillow Thi pillow i o oft, it' like leeping on a cloud It i the mo t comfortable pillow that I have ever laid my head on I had never bought my elf a pillow before Before that moment in time, I had no idea how my pillow arrived in my life Maybe I tole them from my father' hou e, or borrowed them from my i ter Maybe they magically appeared in my life without my being any the wi er Pillow choo ing would ... keep reading

Damn, You're Hot

February 19, 2013
Thi i a gue t po t written by the lovely Danielle Dowling Enjoy! I met a girlfriend for an early morning cup of coffee + conver ation in We t Hollywood recently I have a handful of favorite pot that I can count on to make a harp, bitter e pre o I arrived a few minute early (which rarely happen ) and ordered a pot of coffee while I waited for her to join me Minute later he came currying in, wide mile, long brown hair tied back and ... keep reading

100 Ways to Show Yourself Some Mega Love

February 14, 2013
1 Buy a journal Start writing down ome truth 2 Gift your elf a book of truth written by omeone who you really admire Get lo t between the page 3 Create a Be t Ca e Scenario playli t filled with your favorite ong , and play whenever you need to amplify your good energy 4 Pull on an outfit that i incredibly oft to touch Don't have one What are you waiting for 5 Li ten to a Madeline L'Engle audiobook, revel in the fanta y and ... keep reading

What's Love Got to Do With It

February 12, 2013
It boil down to thi : At the end of the day, you've got your elf  You've got the body that you are itting in at thi moment You've got the heart that tand by, waiting to guide your way You are a collection of kin, cell , breath, and energy Now, there are two way to approach your elf 1 Dragging your elf around Living in pite of your elf 2 Digging in Getting Cozy Embracing the full expan e of your experience on thi planet It occurred to ... keep reading

Cultivating Your Heart-Scape

February 07, 2013
Have you ever felt o entrapped by your day-to-day that it feel like your dream are being mothered That i , if you gave your elf the permi ion to get in touch with them to begin with  It might look and ound omething like thi I'm too bu y to dream I have bill to pay, lunche to make, a hou e to clean, or a degree to fini h up I'm too bu y urviving to even imagine what thriving might look like I couldn't po ibly I have a ... keep reading
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