Compare, Despair + Repair

December 27, 2012
With 2012 coming to a close, I've been thinking a lot about setting intentions for how I'd like to spend my time in 2013 In doing so, I find that it is always quite useful to notice what the biggest energy drains were for me over the course of the year and implore myself to take a moment to think about how to restore some of that energy Think about it like a water balloon with many almost imperceptible pin pricks - leaking water in small ... keep reading

A Love Note to all of the "Control Freaks" + Micromanagers Out There

December 13, 2012
Recently, I taught a clas with peaceful eating coach Christie Inge about how to not lose your mind during the holidays During an interview before the clas, we were asked to illustrate what losing it really looked like for us and our relationship with food As I started answering, I realized, my tendency is not to lose it with food My tendency, when things get really ramped up energetically and there are a lot of heightened expectations, is ... keep reading

Managing Your Expectations + Celebrating Your Inner Wisdom

December 11, 2012
If left unattended to, my expectations are olympic sized pools of exaggerated standards, in which I am the exception to every rule My expectations are standards the I will never live up to, because as I get close they are slippery and elusive as they climb higher and higher My expectations are overwhelming at best, and bone-crushing at worst My expectations tell me that what might be gorgeous and beautiful for every single other person on the ... keep reading

When Too Much is Also Not Enough

December 07, 2012
I've found that over the course of my life, as much as I've felt like I'm too much, too big, or too pasionate, it has appeared in my life and in it's impact on my heart and psyche as feeling like I'm not enough Though I'm certain you're familiar with this feeling, I'll spell it out a little You stay at work an hour late, struggling to try and completely your seemingly never-ending to do list not because you've been asked to, but because ... keep reading

If You’ve Ever Been Told You’re Too Much

December 05, 2012
If you've ever been told that you are too much Too big Too bright Too intense If you've ever been made to feel that you need to dull down your brightnes, your beauty To dumb down your words To fit into a box that is much too small for the magnificence of your being That somehow, by being the person that you are, you believe that you'll snatch that opportunity away from everyone else If you have allowed those mesages to catch you up, ... keep reading
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