Experiment with Love: Handling Criticism + Judgment

February 05, 2013
Imagine that you are walking your walk, moving along your path and dancing in your own shimmering light as often as posible You are practicing being impeccable with your word You are re-inventing your boundaries, in the name of cultivating relationships that rock your world in the best posible ways You are holding your head high, believing in and investing in your own worth You are claiming your seat at the table - standing in your power and ... keep reading

Craving + Creating: Giving Yourself Permission to Want

February 01, 2013
This week, I've been thinking a lot about space I've been salivating over the concept of wide open calendars and hours to write and dream I've been dreaming about empty inboxes and really happy customers I've been searching for space to move and stretch, cook luxuriously with my sweetheart, eat without multi-tasking, sleep until I'm ready to wake up, and create things that feel really good to create And, I keep bucking up against the same ... keep reading

Loving All of Your Parts

January 29, 2013
When I first start working with people, it almost always begins like this Ok, so these are the things that I want to work on: x, y, and z I really want to love myself completely, and I feel quite certain that once I accomplish those things, I will be ready to be loved I will be lovable In my every day life, I encounter it everywhere: Facebook, the grocery store, in conversations with friends People holding the bright parts of themselves ... keep reading

What We Do, When We Don’t Know What to Do

January 17, 2013
In 2012, I wrote about becoming a detective to your own experience and what kind of eggs you like (and who you really are), but this week I want to take it a bit farther This week I have been thinking about this: What do we do, when we don't know what to do How do we spend our time What choices are available to us Who might we be, if no one ever told us who to be What do we like to do for fun What lights us up to a point where we are ... keep reading

Compare, Despair + Repair

December 27, 2012
With 2012 coming to a close, I've been thinking a lot about setting intentions for how I'd like to spend my time in 2013 In doing so, I find that it is always quite useful to notice what the biggest energy drains were for me over the course of the year and implore myself to take a moment to think about how to restore some of that energy Think about it like a water balloon with many almost imperceptible pin pricks - leaking water in small ... keep reading