A Love Note to all of the "Control Freaks" + Micromanagers Out There

December 13, 2012
Recently, I taught a cla with peaceful eating coach Chri tie Inge about how to not lo e your mind during the holiday During an interview before the cla , we were a ked to illu trate what lo ing it really looked like for u and our relation hip with food A I tarted an wering, I realized, my tendency i not to lo e it with food My tendency, when thing get really ramped up energetically and there are a lot of heightened expectation , i ... keep reading

Managing Your Expectations + Celebrating Your Inner Wisdom

December 11, 2012
If left unattended to, my expectation are olympic ized pool of exaggerated tandard , in which I am the exception to every rule My expectation are tandard the I will never live up to, becau e a I get clo e they are lippery and elu ive a they climb higher and higher My expectation are overwhelming at be t, and bone-cru hing at wor t My expectation tell me that what might be gorgeou and beautiful for every ingle other per on on the ... keep reading

When Too Much is Also Not Enough

December 07, 2012
I've found that over the cour e of my life, a much a I've felt like I'm too much, too big, or too pa ionate, it ha appeared in my life and in it' impact on my heart and p yche a feeling like I'm not enough Though I'm certain you're familiar with thi feeling, I'll pell it out a little You tay at work an hour late, truggling to try and completely your eemingly never-ending to do li t not becau e you've been a ked to, but becau e ... keep reading

If You’ve Ever Been Told You’re Too Much

December 05, 2012
If you've ever been told that you are too much Too big Too bright Too inten e If you've ever been made to feel that you need to dull down your brightne , your beauty To dumb down your word To fit into a box that i much too mall for the magnificence of your being That omehow, by being the per on that you are, you believe that you'll natch that opportunity away from everyone el e If you have allowed tho e me age to catch you up, ... keep reading

"Do You Love Me?" + "How About Now?"

November 28, 2012
I can remember exactly how thi felt: You aid you loved me In that moment I believed that you loved me And yet - three econd later - I had forgotten Then I would a k you, "do you love me" Repeat In tho e moment , I wa n't able to hold onto your love, becau e it wa o unfathomable to me I wa unable to believe, on a fundamental level, that I wa lovable I wa unable to believe thi , becau e I had never looked upon my body with loving ... keep reading
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