You Are Not Broken. You Are More Ready Than You Think.

November 20, 2012
On Thursday, I came acros a prompt from Erika Lyremark from The Daily Whip that said: If you had the world's undivided attention for 10 seconds, what would you say My fingers started to itch and I clung to a voice that begged: your truth 10 seconds don't second gues GO I wrote: You are not broken It is not too late It IS posible You are more ready than you think Dig in And you responded, in droves I wonder How many of us are ... keep reading

What I Know, Now

November 14, 2012
I want to tell you about what I have been noticing happening inside of  my skin After years of doing this work, it feels as though a new layer has been peeled back, a layer that has left me feeling quite vulnerable I was always the kind of woman who enjoyed the trappings of my life I liked it when my room looked a certain way, when my car was clean, when my website was pretty, when my wardrobe was filled the right things, when I had socks ... keep reading

365 Days of Deserving: Randi Buckley

November 09, 2012
I just love to hear how people answer the deceptively simple question: “What do you think you deserve” Thus, I have launched a quest to interview many of my heroes and compatriots this year, in an attempt to share their teachings around deserving with my tribe – you 365 Days of Deserving is a monthly interview series where I will feature a conversation with one entrepreneur, rock star, soul-searcher, expert craftsman, money maven, or ... keep reading

The Importance of a Vote

November 06, 2012
Every time we tell ourselves, oh just this one little time won't matter Or, my input isn't important Or, my state will vote ________ anyway, so my vote doesn't count We are not only lying to ourselves - we are handing our power over We are telling ourselves, not so subtly,that we don't matter We are taking a step back, hiding amongst the mases, and keeping our back to the wall at the dance We are proving to ourselves that which we ... keep reading

How I Get Stuff Done

November 01, 2012
I get a lot of emails asking me how I get things done around here  And, because getting as much done in as little amount of time as posible, while also maximizing the relaxing and taking care of myself is a major concern of mine, I wanted to addres it here  Since I was a little kid, I was the kind of girl who liked to work when I was working and play when I was playing Meaning: I'm a fan of getting shit done, and then kicking back and ... keep reading