You Were Born For this

August 01, 2016
There are two important days in a woman's life: the day she is born and the day she finds out why {Terry Tempest Williams} I see you I see you wise and ready and deep I see you in your fear and jubilation as you unload the dishwasher, wipe sweat off of your brow, close the deal, kis your babies while they sleep, finish the book, wring your hands together while you pay the bills, and dance alone in the dark I see the power in your hands ... keep reading

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

July 18, 2016
It is our job to tell ourselves the truth about our lives It is our job to pause and be present with ourselves It is our job to evaluate how things went so that we can do them in a way that is more aligned with our values and desires next time It is our job to be active participants But, it's not our job to pour hurt and shame on top by making every disappointing situation mean that we are bad people, undeserving, or unworthy The ... keep reading

Creation Without Burnout

July 11, 2016
Nothing in nature blooms all year Be patient with yourself {unknown} I’ve been sitting here “trying” to write for six hours In those six hours I have: cooked two meals, drank coffee and then tea, watched three episodes of something mindles that I’ve seen before, scribbled down a few ideas in my journal, berated myself for my lack of productivity, and scoured my contact list and social media for posible distractions I have ... keep reading

The Reason For Rest

July 05, 2016
I am not worth it Like you, I was born to this world with a body A vesel Skin, bones, hair, and blood A bright heart An open mouth And yet for most of my life, my primary concerns were how body looked and what it could do for me Like my devices and car and appliances, I expected it to work on demand I expected it to boot up in the morning when my alarm clock when off and plow through the tasks that I set before myself each day I ... keep reading

Becoming The One Person That You Aren’t Too Much For

June 27, 2016
Become the one person in the world that you aren't too much for That is the invitation When she pased away, they told the children that dying was like being in a room filled with radiant sunlight That the sun was so bright that it consumed her, turning her into a light beam Sometimes that's what living visibly feels like to me - the open vulnerability of a construction light on an unfinished room, making art out of the sawdust and screws ... keep reading