Fifty Shades of Taking Personal Responsibility

October 03, 2012
About a week ago, I picked up the fir t book in the Fifty Shade of Grey erie   I had read an article that about how it had old over 40 million copie worldwide, a a elf-publi hed book, and I hone tly, I wanted to know what the fu wa about And then I fell in Head fir t Con uming all three book in le than a week I haven't poured over book like that ince, ahem, the Twilight erie , which intere tingly enough had a imilar ort of ... keep reading

The Specific Use of a Body: Weight, Safety + Acceptance

September 27, 2012
I have alway u ed my body in a very pecific way I don't often talk about weight here, becau e I have very intentionally created a haven for addre ing elf-love in a weight-le , body-le ort of way, o that it can ea ily be tried on and amended by tho e reader who are coming from a variety of background , lived experience , and ize I have done thi to make you feel comfortable However, I have al o done thi to keep my elf comfortable, ... keep reading

Self-Love Series: Tara Sophia Mohr

September 26, 2012
Today I have the ab olute honor of revealing a econd ecret interview erie project: The Self-Love Serie with your truly and the phenomenal Margarita Tartakov ky from P ych Central' blog Weightle Side note: Margarita al o ha a fabulou per onal blog that I recommend you checking out here Margarita and I are teaming up to bring you a monthly interview erie around learning the beautiful and delicate art of elf-love I am almo t ... keep reading

A Very Merry 4th Birthday Medicinal Marzipan + Presents!

September 25, 2012
Four year ago today, I wa itting at my mother' kitchen table contemplating how I might po ibly u e my writing to ca t a net, wide out, far into the ether of the internet to try and find my elf a community that fit the per on that I knew deep down that I wa becoming I wrote and I wrote, putting all of my faith in the idea that with every word, an audience, a community, and a family of like-minded individual might find their way to what I ... keep reading

What Kind of Eggs You Like + Who You (Really) Are

September 20, 2012
Open cene: Julia Robert it in front of a table of twenty plate , each laden with a different type of egg di h - crambled egg , omlette , poached - trying to decide what type of egg he like The premi e i thi : She doe n't know what kind of egg he like out ide of her relation hip , thereby al o not really under tanding who he i out ide of the context of her relation hip She a k for her egg however her weetheart a k for them, ... keep reading
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