Becoming a Detective to Your Own Experience

September 18, 2012
I remember, very clearly, a time when I realized thi : I don't even know what I like I knew what other people liked I knew what the people in my life preferred I knew how to do it o that I got an A I knew what the right way to do thing wa But I didn't know how I might do it, if I were given the choice I had never given my elf a choice before Thi extended to o many area of my life: food, work, daily chedule, ex, getting dre ed in the ... keep reading

Introducing: 365 Days of Deserving + Lisa Claudia Briggs

September 13, 2012
Thi i a very exciting day In honor of my new ite and my coaching empha i on the deceptively imple que tion: "What do you think you de erve" I have launched a que t to interview many of my heroe and compatriot thi year, in an attempt to hare their teaching around de erving with my tribe - you 365 Day of De erving i a monthly interview erie where I will feature a conver ation with one entrepreneur, rock tar, oul- earcher, expert ... keep reading

What Did I Do to Deserve All of This?

September 11, 2012
The voice lament , after taking a quick tour through her own per onal hi tory She ha been a good per on She ha done all the right thing She ha   aid everything that a nice per on would ay She took care of her family, her partner, her pet , and everyone el e in her clo e knit life She u ed to joke that once he let people in, they were in for life - no matter how they di appointed her  And it' not that he didn't get anything out of ... keep reading

The Courage to Leap: Self-Employment

September 04, 2012
Since age 10, I have been many thing I have old lemonade and painted ea hell on my front lawn to touri t walking by I have taught toddler how to adeptly di tingui h between red and blue, and count to ten I have worked in re taurant : advancing from gutter girl, to di hwa her, to bu girl, to ho te , to waitre , to manager of the front of the hou e I never, ever worked a a bartender A much a I love a well-crafted cocktail, the ... keep reading

Doing + Feeling Good: Swim For Life

September 03, 2012
On Saturday morning it 9am, I will join many, many other in wimming 14 mile from one ide of the Provincetown harbor to the other in an attempt to rai e fund and awarene for HIV/AIDS, women' health and community health on the lower Cape I wanted to illu trate what we were talking about here, becau e the etting i o incredibly important to me We (my little i ter, my team + hundred of other ) will wim from that teen y little tip, ... keep reading
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