Manifesto of Deserving

August 07, 2012
I de erve To make a living doing omething I love, to pay all my bill on time, forever — and have money to pare for adventure , urpri e , and heer delight To de ign a career that will, omeday oon, allow me to have kid , rai e them my way, at home — and not have to pre ‘pau e’ on my bu ine , unle I genuinely want to Hula-hooping bachelorette partie , kale moothie + cookie , pontaneou yoga break , and impromptu winter ... keep reading

Introducing: Body Loving Homework

August 06, 2012
The day ha come And here you are, you gorgeou thing you Welcome to the future of Medicinal Marzipan - MaraGlatzelcom If you're reading thi in your google reader, you might ju t want to click over for a minute, thing have gotten oh- o-beautiful overnight I have been holding my breath + pacing around the hou e for WEEKS waiting to hare thi new ite with all of you And to relea e thi brand new offering into the wilderne : To ay that ... keep reading

Why I Write

August 02, 2012
In 2009, I wrote a po t about why I tarted thi web ite In that po t, I wrote: Thi writing repre ent my be t potential I wrote about the per on that I wa in 2008 when I began Medicinal Marzipan, how the journey tran formed my life - providing me with a home for my belief and fear , and a community to hare my thought with In preparing my elf to migrate thi beloved blog to a new, more adult home, I have been combing through each and ... keep reading

The Power in Imperfection

July 26, 2012
You will not alway get it right Sometime you will have a lo ing treak mile wide, and feel like there i no end in ight Ye , there are people who will tell you to redefined what a lo ing treak mean for you, wrapping it up in pretty bow and exclamation of, Oh GOODIE, a teachable moment! What about when you are tired of making the mo t of your mi take What if you ju t want one little econd to tantrum about, pounding your fi t again t ... keep reading

Eating [and Being] Alone

July 24, 2012
Confe ion: I am one of tho e people who know that you hould eat without di traction , and ecretly whip out her computer for a new epi ode of White Collar during lunch or a book to read during breakfa t I am one of tho e people who know what i good for them, but omehow think that they will be able to manage the impact of not following my own advice And o, I get all of track: ignoring my tomach grumbling and drinking coffee in tead of ... keep reading
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