Where I've Been

August 30, 2012
Hello darlings, This week I've been taking a bit of a break, treating myself to luxurious reading breaks, mid-afternoon naps, lobster dinners with friends, gearing up for my week-long workshop at Green Mountain at Fox Run (get the details + register here) and creating some space to get ready for the wild month of September, when the fall is ushered in and my favorite season arrives However, I've been lots of places this week, so as to not ... keep reading

Self-Love + The Reality of Settling, Stagnation, or Giving Up

August 23, 2012
Over the past couple of days, I've been getting this mesage loud and clear: pare down and get to the technical, nitty gritty, applicable in REAL LIFE implications of self-love I've had a lot of people asking me for clarity around this isue: If I love myself, utterly and unconditionally, am I giving up Does loving my body mean that I'm going to just give up becoming healthier Does loving myself mean that I'm going to become selfish and ... keep reading

Feeling Resistance + (Sometimes) Doing it Anyway

August 16, 2012
You know what you're supposed to do We all do Each and every one of us is packed to the gills with helpful advice Why is it that we just can't sink our teeth in to these habits or find any headway in cultivating our lives, the way we say that we want to There are two schools of thought on this matter 1 Using your resistance as a teacher We are talking about those moments where we think we should do something, and, yet, a very firm no bubbles up ... keep reading

How to Celebrate Who You Already Are

August 14, 2012
How often have you had this thought: I will be worth celebrating, when For the majority of my life, celebration was riddled with qualifiers I believed firmly that I would only be worthy all of the revelry and fun that I could imagine for myself if, and only if, I met my levels of expectation I'm sure I don't need to tell you that as I got older, and smarter, these levels of expectation grew with me I wanted more from myself and from my ... keep reading

I've Been Dancing Around the Internet

August 09, 2012
Hello lovebugs I know that I usually whip up something fresh + fabulous here on Thursdays, but this week is extra special, having just launched MaraGlatzelcom and Body Loving Homework So In honor of all of this madnes, I've been hip-hopping all over the internet this week, and in lieu of a post today - I wanted to share some of the posts with you: The Honest Truth About Cultivating Self-Love has got to be one of my absolute favorite posts that ... keep reading