How to Celebrate Who You Already Are

August 14, 2012
How often have you had this thought: I will be worth celebrating, when For the majority of my life, celebration was riddled with qualifiers I believed firmly that I would only be worthy all of the revelry and fun that I could imagine for myself if, and only if, I met my levels of expectation I'm sure I don't need to tell you that as I got older, and smarter, these levels of expectation grew with me I wanted more from myself and from my ... keep reading

I've Been Dancing Around the Internet

August 09, 2012
Hello lovebugs I know that I usually whip up something fresh + fabulous here on Thursdays, but this week is extra special, having just launched MaraGlatzelcom and Body Loving Homework So In honor of all of this madnes, I've been hip-hopping all over the internet this week, and in lieu of a post today - I wanted to share some of the posts with you: The Honest Truth About Cultivating Self-Love has got to be one of my absolute favorite posts that ... keep reading

Manifesto of Deserving

August 07, 2012
I deserve To make a living doing something I love, to pay all my bills on time, forever — and have money to spare for adventures, surprises, and sheer delight To design a career that will, someday soon, allow me to have kids, raise them my way, at home — and not have to pres ‘pause’ on my busines, unles I genuinely want to Hula-hooping bachelorette parties, kale smoothies + cookies, spontaneous yoga breaks, and impromptu winter ... keep reading

Introducing: Body Loving Homework

August 06, 2012
The day has come And here you are, you gorgeous thing you Welcome to the future of Medicinal Marzipan - MaraGlatzelcom If you're reading this in your google reader, you might just want to click over for a minute, things have gotten oh-so-beautiful overnight I have been holding my breath + pacing around the house for WEEKS waiting to share this new site with all of you And to release this brand new offering into the wildernes: To say that ... keep reading

Why I Write

August 02, 2012
In 2009, I wrote a post about why I started this website In that post, I wrote: This writing represents my best potential I wrote about the person that I was in 2008 when I began Medicinal Marzipan, how the journey transformed my life - providing me with a home for my belief and fears, and a community to share my thoughts with In preparing myself to migrate this beloved blog to a new, more adult home, I have been combing through each and ... keep reading
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