Why I Write

August 02, 2012
In 2009, I wrote a post about why I started this website In that post, I wrote: This writing represents my best potential I wrote about the person that I was in 2008 when I began Medicinal Marzipan, how the journey transformed my life - providing me with a home for my belief and fears, and a community to share my thoughts with In preparing myself to migrate this beloved blog to a new, more adult home, I have been combing through each and ... keep reading

The Power in Imperfection

July 26, 2012
You will not always get it right Sometimes you will have a losing streak miles wide, and feels like there is no end in sight Yes, there are people who will tell you to redefined what a losing streak means for you, wrapping it up in pretty bows and exclamations of, Oh GOODIE, a teachable moment! What about when you are tired of making the most of your mistakes What if you just want one little second to tantrum about, pounding your fists against ... keep reading

Eating [and Being] Alone

July 24, 2012
Confesion: I am one of those people who knows that you should eat without distractions, and secretly whips out her computer for a new episode of White Collar during lunch or a book to read during breakfast I am one of those people who know what is good for them, but somehow thinks that they will be able to manage the impact of not following my own advice And so, I get all of track: ignoring my stomach grumbling and drinking coffee instead of ... keep reading

Reinventing the Wheel + Investing In Yourself

July 19, 2012
I haven't slept well in a week, waking up every morning absolutely drenched in sweat, angry, and frustrated that it is so hot  And each morning when I wake up, I slam about my room, stomping at my displeasure with the current state of affairs - it's summer, my room gets approximately 0% breeze, and my fan is not getting the job done And yet, truly believing that there is no way out of this misery, every night I go to bed, only to repeat the ... keep reading

I’m Too Busy To… Make This a Priority Right Now

July 12, 2012
Those of you who have worked with me, know that I'm a firm believer in The Reframe - as in, taking an experience, turning it on its head, and presenting an alternate vantage point Reframing has been one of the most useful tools for me in my own personal life, as it provides me the opportunity to see beyond the part of a situation that is causing me undue stres or triggering a nerve Recently, I've been thinking about my daily habits, and the ... keep reading