Unplugging + Rebooting Your Life

June 29, 2012
Hi, my name i Mara Glatzel, and I'm addicted to the internet I'm one of tho e people u ed to be found furiou ly typing late at night after everyone ha fallen a leep, attempting to re pond to email a quickly a they arrive, and lo ing all concept of pace and time while "brow ing" the ocial media outlet If I let it - the internet would run my life If I let it The e day , I am making a con ciou effort to maximize my time out ide, in the ... keep reading

Accountability, Coaching + Getting Shit Done

June 22, 2012
Recently, a reader a ked me if I might write a quick po t around how coaching i different from therapy, what coaching elf-love i , and how it might help omeone move forward in their live Thi i that po t I am a formally, clinically trained ocial worker and therapi t I have been eeing client in weekly individual therapy over the cour e of the la t two year , working with them on a litany of per onal i ue , ecret de ire , relation hip ... keep reading

On Removing the Diet Mentality from Your Diet

June 20, 2012
During my fir t couple of year a a body image blogger, I pent many hour e chewing the negative impact of dieting I poke about dieting mentality, the way in which diet don't work, and how one might get them elve a very far away from thi type of life tyle a po ible I thought that if I removed the diet from my life, I would be able to thu weed out the elf-hatred that I felt o deeply I thought that I would be healed up perfectly, ... keep reading

Taking a Dose of Your Own Medicine

June 14, 2012
One of my favorite thing to a k my client i : If one of your be t, mo t beloved, friend wa feeling that way, what would you tell them I love to a k thi , becau e ometime the an wer are urpri ing - filled with action to be taken framed in loving weetne You know, when you omeone too well to bull hit them or tell them oh no, ju t keep doing that - I'm ure it will work out fine in the end My two be t friend are my i ter , and ... keep reading

5 Steps to Renovating Your Life

May 31, 2012
People are alway going around and aying: Do it like you mean it Which, I've alway a umed mean giving omething your all However, I'm curiou - how are people uppo ed to give omething their "ALL," when they don't even know what that look like So often we are o hampered by our own elf-doubt, fear, and worry that we barely tick our toe into the life that we know we could have if we were only brave enough Step One Let' ju t all make a ... keep reading
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