Taking a Dose of Your Own Medicine

June 14, 2012
One of my favorite things to ask my clients is: If one of your best, most beloved, friends was feeling that way, what would you tell them I love to ask this, because sometimes the answers are surprising - filled with actions to be taken framed in loving sweetnes You know, when you someone too well to bullshit them or tell them oh no, just keep doing that - I'm sure it will work out fine in the end My two best friends are my sisters, and ... keep reading

5 Steps to Renovating Your Life

May 31, 2012
People are always going around and saying: Do it like you mean it Which, I've always asumed means giving something your all However, I'm curious - how are people supposed to give something their "ALL," when they don't even know what that looks like So often we are so hampered by our own self-doubt, fear, and worry that we barely stick our toe into the life that we know we could have if we were only brave enough Step One Let's just all make a ... keep reading

A Summer Manifesto: You Are Worthy of Your Own Attention

May 29, 2012
How often do you say, to yourself, oh geez don't be disappointed - I'll get to it tomorrow when you haven't followed through on something that you REALLY wanted, or have broken a promise to fix or streamline something that really isn't working for you Why is it that it is so easy to put our needs on the back-burner Tomorrow Next week I'll start FRESH at the start of next semester After Christmas, I am going to start 2013 off RIGHT This is ... keep reading

Forgetting About The Life You "Should" Have

May 23, 2012
I'm sure you know what I'm talking about - the little voice in your head that says, well you should clean up and make things presentable You should really lose some weight You should be sure to snag a very attractive, and fiscally responsible mate You should have sex with that mate whenever posible, because you don't want them to lose interest When you have sex, you should take special precautions to be as sanitized, glosed over, and carefully ... keep reading

Creating a Life That You’re Ecstatic About Living

May 10, 2012
Take out a pen and a pencil, or whip up a fresh google doc Ask yourself these questions: If you could have any kind of life posible what would it look like How would you dres Who would you date How would you communicate in your relationships What kind of sex would you have How often How would you eat How would you move your body What kind of house would you live in How would you make an income What would that income look ... keep reading
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