Creating a Life That You’re Ecstatic About Living

May 10, 2012
Take out a pen and a pencil, or whip up a fresh google doc Ask yourself these questions: If you could have any kind of life posible what would it look like How would you dres Who would you date How would you communicate in your relationships What kind of sex would you have How often How would you eat How would you move your body What kind of house would you live in How would you make an income What would that income look ... keep reading

They Told Me To Lie To You, But I Knew You Could Handle The Truth

May 08, 2012
One time I was at a conference, and a girl said to me: Ohhh you're Mara Glatzel I've been to your site Very dark stuff  Good, I mean, but very dark I started writing here in 2008 with the expres goal of getting the words that were boiling up in my body out from beneath my skin and into the most loving container that I could create I started out slowly, timidly I had no readers at the time, but I was afraid that the internet itself would ... keep reading

On Ice Cream Sundaes, "Treating Yourself Well" + Self-Care

April 24, 2012
So many of us have jacked up ideas of what it means to treat ourselves kindly All of us, former dieters and non-dieters alike, are socialized to asociate treating ourselves kindly with: feeding ourselves food that we don't typically allow or eating it in greater quantities, permitting ourselves to relax our personal boundaries, and before we know it, we find ourselves feeling worse than we did to begin with For many of us, self-care is a meal ... keep reading

Shame, Self-Love, and the Great Razor Stubble Disaster

April 23, 2012
This is a guest post written by Melisa Dinwiddie of Living a Creative Life  Early on a Wednesday morning, about a month before high school graduation, I’d boarded a chartered bus with a bunch of other seniors, while the rest of the school was scurrying to make their first period clases It was “Senior Cut Day,” and instead of books, our backpacks were stuffed with towels and sunscreen, because we were spending the day at the beach! Now I ... keep reading

Video: Caine's Arcade

April 12, 2012
An important leson about being inventive, running your own busines, and believing in yourself even when no one else does Yes I know it's ten minutes - you will thank me, I promise  For those reading in your google reader - click through if you can't see the video below, just this once, you won't regret it With a huge thanks to my little sister for sending this my way ... keep reading