Shame, Self-Love, and the Great Razor Stubble Disaster

April 23, 2012
This is a guest post written by Melisa Dinwiddie of Living a Creative Life  Early on a Wednesday morning, about a month before high school graduation, I’d boarded a chartered bus with a bunch of other seniors, while the rest of the school was scurrying to make their first period clases It was “Senior Cut Day,” and instead of books, our backpacks were stuffed with towels and sunscreen, because we were spending the day at the beach! Now I ... keep reading

Video: Caine's Arcade

April 12, 2012
An important leson about being inventive, running your own busines, and believing in yourself even when no one else does Yes I know it's ten minutes - you will thank me, I promise  For those reading in your google reader - click through if you can't see the video below, just this once, you won't regret it With a huge thanks to my little sister for sending this my way ... keep reading

Granting Yourself [and Others] the Permission to Change

April 11, 2012
You are always moving, sometimes forward and sometimes backwards, if only momentarily You are reacting to the world around you You are learning your lesons, and you are taking them into account You are striving to be a better lover, sister, mother, child, student, bos, person in the world You are busily digging deep, making repairs when you see fit, and praying to the courage to be better today than you were yesterday You are doing good ... keep reading

Living Authentically When Things Fall Apart

April 09, 2012
This is a guest post written by Carrie Hensley, who writes and coaches over at Realize Your Potential Between stimulus and response there is a space In that space is our power to choose our response In our response lies our growth and our freedom ~Viktor E Frankl  I have crafted a beautiful story for myself One I have been working on for years In this story, I have survived sexual abuse, overcome drug and alcohol addiction, and have ... keep reading

What I Learned From Getting my Wisdom Teeth Out

April 04, 2012
Let me tell you a little story about my teeth I have 14 fillings My mouth is made of metal, literally While on the outside my teeth are straight and white, if you look just below the surface I have wildly soft enamel, which no matter what tender care I take of my teeth brushing and flosing, leaves me in a state of perpetual needing dental work, ASAP My mouth is one of those touchy isues for me, a miniature battleground for my isues around ... keep reading