Turning Off the Autopilot and Being True to Self

March 12, 2012
This is a guest post written by Petrea Hansen Adamidis of ArtTherapistca The other day I was speaking with a parent who was expresing her frustration that her preschooler wasn't saying"sorry " when she asked him to Rather than saying sorry he gave a hug Despite pointing out that this was the child's way of apologizing, the mother was stuck on the notion that her child should say “I’m sorry” She had been taught that this was right We ... keep reading

Cultivating Self-Trust

March 06, 2012
How many times have you broken a promise to yourself Whether it is due to a careful negotiation of whether or not you truly deserve what you've promised, or whether it just goes by the wayside in the busynes of your daily life - we have a tendency not to follow through on the promises that we make to ourselves, both small and large In a recent email, coach Jennifer Louden stated: Self-trust grows from a history of promises made and ... keep reading

Cycling Up

March 04, 2012
This post was written by Sally McGraw of Already Pretty You know how, when you’re feeling kinda wretched about the current state of your bod, you tend to lose interest in shopping And eventually, shopping apathy morphs into diminished interest in clothes And sometimes THAT indifference becomes an inability to engage in basic grooming It’s a fun little cycle, and we’ve all been there Usually, a girl’s gotta hit bottom to shake loose ... keep reading

We Don't Have "Problem Areas"

March 03, 2012
This post was written by Patti of Not Dead Yet Style Oh boy, this is a pet peeve I hear it mostly on the home shopping channels (gulp, if I ever, um, happen to have the TV tuned to one of them while I am, errr, polishing up an article for the New York Times) The cheery host or model points to the latest tunic top (two easy payments!) and delivers the good news: it covers all those problem areas! I know they mean our midriffs, in this case ... keep reading

An Announcement

March 02, 2012
This post is written by Rosie Molinary Years ago, there was an ad (Nike) that I just loved  It read: You are born  And oh, how you wail! Your first breath is a scream Not timid or low, but selfish and shattering, with all the force of waiting nine months under water Your whole life should be like that: An announcement I tore it out when I saw it and plastered it on my vision wall in my bedroom, my eyes focused on those words: an ... keep reading
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