Cycling Up

March 04, 2012
Thi po t wa written by Sally McGraw of Already Pretty You know how, when you’re feeling kinda wretched about the current tate of your bod, you tend to lo e intere t in hopping And eventually, hopping apathy morph into dimini hed intere t in clothe And ometime THAT indifference become an inability to engage in ba ic grooming It’ a fun little cycle, and we’ve all been there U ually, a girl’ gotta hit bottom to hake loo e ... keep reading

We Don't Have "Problem Areas"

March 03, 2012
Thi po t wa written by Patti of Not Dead Yet Style Oh boy, thi i a pet peeve I hear it mo tly on the home hopping channel (gulp, if I ever, um, happen to have the TV tuned to one of them while I am, errr, poli hing up an article for the New York Time ) The cheery ho t or model point to the late t tunic top (two ea y payment !) and deliver the good new : it cover all tho e problem area ! I know they mean our midriff , in thi ca e ... keep reading

An Announcement

March 02, 2012
Thi po t i written by Ro ie Molinary Year ago, there wa an ad (Nike) that I ju t loved  It read: You are born  And oh, how you wail! Your fir t breath i a cream Not timid or low, but elfi h and hattering, with all the force of waiting nine month under water Your whole life hould be like that: An announcement I tore it out when I aw it and pla tered it on my vi ion wall in my bedroom, my eye focu ed on tho e word : an ... keep reading

The Danger of a Single Ideal Body

February 29, 2012
Thi po t i written by Caitlin of Fit and Femini t Recently, I came acro a blog po t by a per onal trainer in which he explored the one of my lea t favorite term a applied to women’ bodie – the word “bulky”  Any weight-training woman i familiar with thi term, a it i often the fir t thing other women will ay a their rea on for refu ing to lift weight  The idea i that lifting weight will lead to the development of big ... keep reading

Why I Write About Body Image

February 27, 2012
Thi i a gue t po t written by the lovely Kate of Eat the Damn Cake I write about body image becau e I love eating cake, but women around me are alway dieting I write about body image becau e I have been told it doe n't matter, but every year, more girl have eating di order I write about body image becau e everyone care about beauty, no matter how much we tell our elve we don't And becau e, really, we are beautiful, no matter how much we ... keep reading
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