You Belong Here

June 20, 2016
I remember being in the fifth grade with a chest that already fit comfortably into a 36D bra I remember even more clearly the day that the woman in Victoria's Secret told me I was a DD and I made some wise crack about being in "double-d denial" before bursting into tears I remember taking notes in little notebook I scrawled lose weight, grow hair, learn how to put on make-up, wear high heels acros the pages I remember being followed home ... keep reading

You Don’t Owe Anything to Anyone

May 25, 2016
How many good girls grow up believing that we owe ourselves - our time, our energy, our love, our investment - to others When I posted a little handwritten reminder last week on Instagram, simply stating that we don’t owe anything to anyone, many of you responded Tens of women in the loud rejoicing crowd said that it was exactly what they needed to hear, but there were quite whispers too Emails that said things like… … I owe my parents ... keep reading

There is Nothing Wrong With You (& Working My Way Out of a Job)

February 25, 2016
No one knows you better than you know yourself  You may have lost this connection along the way You may have buried your inner wisdom in the catacombs of your skin You may do your very best to avoid the truths that lurk behind corners only to pop out at you when you aren't properly distracted by keeping yourself very, very busy You may have disconnected with yourself at some point, because the stories lies that you had been ... keep reading

Nourishing Acts of Self-Trust

January 22, 2016
I'm great at keeping promises to the ones that I love, but when it comes to myself, I can't seem to make it happen  I really want to do _________, but I'm just too busy  If I'm really honest, I don't trust myself to follow through  When we imagine self-trust, it seems like this enormous, all-encompasing thing that we either have or don't have We may look longingly at the few people who seem to be able to follow through with their ... keep reading

The Right to Receive

October 22, 2015
A year ago, I had started to try to ask for what I needed I had started it into conversation naturally, dropping hints or mentioning it whenever it came up And yet,  we were moving and things were stresful and there was so much to do I had tried to ask, but just the asking was so difficult that it required an enormous amount of energy to discern what it was that I needed to begin with, even before I muttered the words aloud I asked what ... keep reading