Excavating Shame

January 29, 2012
You know all of tho e thing that you've been holding onto for a long a you can remember, becau e you kind of ort of think maybe you were to blame for them or they reaffirmed what you've alway u pected ha been true about you or you ju t can't really eem to let them go Today we are going to talk about tho e memorie , and the hame i tied up with them The memorie that are dragging you down The memorie that keep you chained up in a life ... keep reading

“I Changed My Mind” + Magically Taking Control of YOUR Life

January 25, 2012
I remember the day that I wa told, calmly and elf-a uredly by a friend that I had made plan with that he wa going to have to break her plan , becau e he had over-extended her elf and had changed her mind about wanting to go out At fir t, I wa angry I wa all - are you SERIOUS we had PLANS! I wrote it in my PLANNER But after reflecting on it for a couple of minute I realized that ye , I wa angry - but I wa angry at my elf At that ... keep reading

What’s The Point of Pretty?

January 24, 2012
Thi po t ha been whipped up by the fanta tic Sarah Von Bargen, over at Ye and Ye , which i ju t one of my all-time fave Run, don't walk Enjoy! I it weird if I tell you that I have ome very, very attractive lady friend Well, I do They're my friend becau e they're mart, funny, kind and equally ob e ed with anthropomorphi m But many of them al o happen to be double-take hot  Now, I am not omeone who i particularly plagued with ... keep reading

Untethered: The Rest Of Love – Finishing the Book

January 18, 2012
Note from Marzipan: Good morning! Today you all get an extra pecial treat - a gue t po t from my mother, the love arti t I a ked her to po t here to get a little well de erved attention for the kick tarter campaign that he' created in an effort to fini h her memoir I a ure you, he i deeply talented, and I thought that her experience of putting her elf out there to pur ue her art wa omething that would re onate for many of u I am a ... keep reading

When How You Do Food Is How You Do Everything

January 16, 2012
When you are caught up in diet-mentality, you learn quick that you do not de erve to eat the food that you truly want to con ume You tifle your craving with a firm word and a tinging in ult You effectively (and efficiently) gain the ability to puni h your weet, tender wild child in ide with the impo ition of trict rule and regime I want, but I do not de erve I long for _________, but that' re erved for people who are ________ than me ... keep reading
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