Giving Myself Permission to Eat

January 12, 2012
I have alway u ed food to hut my elf up I remember a day when I wa 21, and I wa in a relation hip that wa a really poor fit for me  I thought to my elf, I have to keep my elf really quite mall to fit into the box that thi per on ha me in Well, folk , I hate to have to admit to you my elf - I have been in a poor-fit-relation hip with my elf for much longer than that and thi box i uffocating me I am in that box and I have alway ... keep reading

On Loving What Is

January 11, 2012
After ye terday' po t about grieving your body fanta y, I pent the whole day thinking about what I wa left with  For example, you decide to let go of the per on that you pent twenty-thirty-forty- ome-odd year wi hing de perately that you could become, what do you do next Though it wa well received by you guy (THANK YOU), I felt like it wa kind of a downer Ye She' not going to run in a coop me up and make me the prettie t girl in the ... keep reading

Grieving the Loss of Your Body Fantasy

January 10, 2012
I am going to a ume that I wa not the only little kid, teenager, or, adult to fanta ize about what it would be like to live in a body that wa n't the one that I wa living in The body that I imagined my elf in wa effortle ly thin She wa o gorgeou , and her kin wa alway clear She wore clothing like they were gracing her with their pre ence, a though they had ju t fallen onto her body looking that perfect and pulled together It wa n't ... keep reading

Learning to Love YOU More: Intermediate Self-Love

January 05, 2012
Thi i the excitement pha e The fuck you I love my body and I don't give a hit what you ay pha e The growth purt pha e The gloriou after-effect of realizing that there i a better way to live pha e In hort, thi i the time where you have made the deci ion to love your body, have worked to urround your elf with po itive influence , and you are kipping around with joy in your new-found freedom Thi i the be t time But, even though ... keep reading

Self-Love for Beginners

January 03, 2012
In order to be ucce ful in learning how to love your elf - you need help You will be the mo t ucce ful and the lea t i olated if you find a way to urround your elf with allie and role model Under tandably, not everyone ha acce to people like thi in their daily life, but, luckily, enormou ly gorgeou online upport network are being built tronger every ingle day I encourage you to think about tho e people who in pire you, tho e ... keep reading
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