Learning to Love YOU More: Intermediate Self-Love

January 05, 2012
This is the excitement phase The fuck you I love my body and I don't give a shit what you say phase The growth spurt phase The glorious after-effect of realizing that there is a better way to live phase In short, this is the time where you have made the decision to love your body, have worked to surround yourself with positive influences, and you are skipping around with joy in your new-found freedom This is the best time But, even though ... keep reading

Self-Love for Beginners

January 03, 2012
In order to be succesful in learning how to love yourself - you need help You will be the most succesful and the least isolated if you find a way to surround yourself with allies and role models Understandably, not everyone has acces to people like this in their daily life, but, luckily, enormously gorgeous online support networks are being built stronger every single day I encourage you to think about those people who inspire you, those ... keep reading

You Are Worth The Effort

January 02, 2012
This week, I am going to run a series on how to start loving yourself, beginning tomorrow, but in planning the series, I suddenly realized how important it was to write a preliminary post to create the space for the others The truth of the matter is, you have to believe you are worth your own effort In thinking about my own trials and tribulations in the realm of self-love over the years, I think that one of the main reasons I was so ... keep reading

4 Ways to Create Your Own Movement Ritual (and Enjoy Rockin’ Your Bod)

December 02, 2011
So, I never thought I was into rituals Probably because I had little to no idea what that meant, but I was pretty sure it had something to do with The Craft I'm the kind of person who sees a trailer for a scary movie and has nightmares for weeks, so I knew I didn't want to have anything to do with rituals That is, until I learned more about what they actually are and how, lo and behold, I could apply them to my own life Schooled I suppose ... keep reading
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