On Losing My Voice + Getting it Back

November 02, 2011
The thing about recovery, or the feeling of being recovered, from something is that on occasion, when you least expect it, you find yourself throttled back to a moment when you were not quite at your best In my experience, it happens suddenly and completely Now, I do not claim to be recovered from twenty-some-odd years of hating my body, but I do like to think that I have made a certain amount of progres over the years, and that the amount of ... keep reading

Self-Love + Weight Loss

October 27, 2011
I am going to begin this post with the reasons why, in three years of blogging about body image, this is a topic that I chronically dance around, dipping my toe in and running away terrified I've noticed that many people like to talk about their body in one of two ways: as something they are battling against in an effort to appeal to whittle it down to something smaller or as something that they love so unconditionally, they are uninterested in ... keep reading

Twitter Spam and Feelings of Unworthiness

October 20, 2011
So lately, as many of you on twitter probably already know - you get a direct mesage from one of your friends with a mesages like: This blog says something REALLY bad about you, you have to see it  [bogus link] Now, this maybe be insignificant in many of your lives, but the reaction that I have been noticing to these occurrences in my body and in my heart warrants a post The main tenet of this post being - What is it in us that so ... keep reading

Creating an Emotional Safety Plan

October 13, 2011
Last week, I mentioned creating an emotional safety plan, a just-in-case of severe emotional distres plan, which seemed to peak a little interest and I thought it warranted it's very own post I am the kind of girl that loves a plan It makes my skin tingle with stability and comfort just knowing what the heck I will do if things don't quite go my way Now, I feel the need to differentiate this from expecting bad things to happen, because above ... keep reading

The Post That Almost Was: What to Do When Nothing Goes Your Way

October 07, 2011
Alas Marzipanlings - such is the NATURE of a post about what to do when nothing goes your way, it gets foiled by unforeseen obstacles In short, I have the absolute saddest little eyes in the world right now They are suddenly so dry and itchy and painful, and despite trying to be a trooper, I am currently collapsed in a pile of delicious comfort foods and Pan Am episodes Forgive me, and please accept this abbreviated post On what to do when ... keep reading