Twitter Spam and Feelings of Unworthiness

October 20, 2011
So lately, a many of you on twitter probably already know - you get a direct me age from one of your friend with a me age like: Thi blog ay omething REALLY bad about you, you have to ee it  [bogu link] Now, thi maybe be in ignificant in many of your live , but the reaction that I have been noticing to the e occurrence in my body and in my heart warrant a po t The main tenet of thi po t being - What i it in u that o ... keep reading

Creating an Emotional Safety Plan

October 13, 2011
La t week, I mentioned creating an emotional afety plan, a ju t-in-ca e of evere emotional di tre plan, which eemed to peak a little intere t and I thought it warranted it' very own po t I am the kind of girl that love a plan It make my kin tingle with tability and comfort ju t knowing what the heck I will do if thing don't quite go my way Now, I feel the need to differentiate thi from expecting bad thing to happen, becau e above ... keep reading

The Post That Almost Was: What to Do When Nothing Goes Your Way

October 07, 2011
Ala Marzipanling - uch i the NATURE of a po t about what to do when nothing goe your way, it get foiled by unfore een ob tacle In hort, I have the ab olute adde t little eye in the world right now They are uddenly o dry and itchy and painful, and de pite trying to be a trooper, I am currently collap ed in a pile of deliciou comfort food and Pan Am epi ode Forgive me, and plea e accept thi abbreviated po t On what to do when ... keep reading

Learning to Have Relentless Compassion

October 03, 2011
The way I ee it, when you come acro omeone that i o overwhelmingly offen ive, haming, or ridiculing (in both loud and quiet way ), you have two choice : Run away, cared, ad, and hurt Internalize all of tho e awful thing that per on aid about you, burying them down deep and permitting tho e word to define how you under tand your elf Get really, quite angry Yell or throw thing Check out the ource - and make the deci ion to dig ... keep reading

Learning to Take Up the Space You Deserve

September 26, 2011
Give me a place to tand and I will move the earth {Archimede } When I wa a kid, I curled in I hunched over, chin to che t, che t to knee I wore dark color - you know, thing that were flattering for a per on of my ize I held my leg clo e together I at on my hand I truggled to keep my elf a contained a po ible, imagining my elf invi ible in a room I never owned my own power There wa no trength behind my voice - tatement were ... keep reading
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