Inspiration for the Weekend

September 23, 2011
I know that at thi point, thi quote ha gotten a little, over-played, but I've been thinking about it ince I opened my eye thi morning Our deepe t fear i not that we are inadequate Our deepe t fear i that we are powerful beyond mea ure It i our light, not our darkne that mo t frighten u We a k our elve , Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeou , talented, fabulou Actually, who are you not to be You are a child of God Your playing mall ... keep reading

Am I Enough?

September 20, 2011
Am I mart enough Do I have enough an wer to be ati fied Do I know how to keep it all together Am I pretty enough Am I trong enough to take care of my elf Am I trong enough to take care of the people in my life Am I living up to my own potential Are my dream bold enough Am I brave enough to truly allow my elf to realize that everything that I've ever wanted i everything I already have Am I brave enough to tand up for what I believe in, no ... keep reading

Being Sweet to Yourself During Changing Seasons

September 16, 2011
Oh deare t YOU, I'm not ure if you get the ame way that I do when the ea on are changing, nervou and anticipatory, pacing around the hou e, readying thing for what i to come, cleaning that which eem like it mu t be cleaned, putting on more clothing, taking it off, rea e ing my goal , thinking about my future, and generally filled both with a en e of excitement and dread La t night, after cleaning my entire room for hour and hour ... keep reading

On Planning a Body Positive Wedding

September 14, 2011
I promi ed my elf a long time ago that I wouldn't engage in any ort of funny bu ine when it came to my wedding and my relation hip with my body I know that thi ort of activity i popular and I'm not judging anyone' choice , but it i my per onal belief that when omeone a k you to marry them, it i YOU that they want to marry Meaning, it i not ome airbru hed, pray-tanned, half- tarved ver ion of you that they are after, and likely ... keep reading

The Golden Cage: Learning to Ask for Help When You’re in the Helping Profession

September 06, 2011
Or: Even Expert Get the Blue Or: Ju t Becau e You're an Internet Sen ation, Doe n't Mean You Can't Crack Up a Bit Or: Cracking up a Bit and A king for Help Doe n't Mean Spewing all Over Your Social Media and Freaking Everyone Out Or: What To Do When You're a Coach/Blogger/Brand and You Freak Out Publicly and Don't Know What to Do Next Or: You're Human, Aren't You Or: Learning to A k for Help, No Matter Who You Are Or How Many ... keep reading
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