Am I Enough?

September 20, 2011
Am I smart enough Do I have enough answers to be satisfied Do I know how to keep it all together Am I pretty enough Am I strong enough to take care of myself Am I strong enough to take care of the people in my life Am I living up to my own potential Are my dreams bold enough Am I brave enough to truly allow myself to realize that everything that I've ever wanted is everything I already have Am I brave enough to stand up for what I believe in, no ... keep reading

Being Sweet to Yourself During Changing Seasons

September 16, 2011
Oh dearest YOU, I'm not sure if you get the same way that I do when the seasons are changing, nervous and anticipatory, pacing around the house, readying things for what is to come, cleaning that which seems like it must be cleaned, putting on more clothing, taking it off, reasesing my goals, thinking about my future, and generally filled both with a sense of excitement and dread Last night, after cleaning my entire room for hours and hours ... keep reading

On Planning a Body Positive Wedding

September 14, 2011
I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn't engage in any sort of funny busines when it came to my wedding and my relationship with my body I know that this sort of activity is popular and I'm not judging anyone's choices, but it is my personal belief that when someone asks you to marry them, it is YOU that they want to marry Meaning, it is not some airbrushed, spray-tanned, half-starved version of you that they are after, and likely ... keep reading

The Golden Cage: Learning to Ask for Help When You’re in the Helping Profession

September 06, 2011
Or: Even Experts Get the Blues Or: Just Because You're an Internet Sensation, Doesn't Mean You Can't Crack Up a Bit Or: Cracking up a Bit and Asking for Help Doesn't Mean Spewing all Over Your Social Media and Freaking Everyone Out Or: What To Do When You're a Coach/Blogger/Brand and You Freak Out Publicly and Don't Know What to Do Next Or: You're Human, Aren't You Or: Learning to Ask for Help, No Matter Who You Are Or How Many ... keep reading

Lessons Learned From Irene: Stress Eating

August 31, 2011
The other day, mid tropical storm or hurricane backlash or whatever it was that demolished my yard, I found myself overcome with the strangest feeling The feeling was this: There is not enough food in all the world to fill me We are going to be without food for days I need to stockpile as much food as posible It was as though my hand-to-mouth mechanism was caught and skipping, so that my hand rose to my mouth, again and again, devouring ... keep reading