How Hating My Body Almost Killed Me

August 11, 2011
or: Why I Wake Up Every Morning Still Pasionate About This Work On Monday, I guest posted over at Stop Chasing Skinny about "the" moment when I realized that I had to start learning how to love my body exactly as it was, or face complete and utter self-destruction It is sort of funny to me that I would finally share this story the same week that the internet is abuzz about the meaning of self-love, how it impacts the Health at Every Size ... keep reading

Saying No, No-Thank-You, or "I Don’t Want Your Money"

August 03, 2011
This week I was reminded in no uncertain terms about what it means to be the kind of person who says no This kind of person is definitive They are able to ases the situation, be mindful of their own worth, and respond accordingly They know when to pull the plug They are able to remind themselves not to act out of desperation, and to wait for an opportunity that really truly jives with their personal style I want to be that kind of person ... keep reading

Just Because: The Honey Badger

July 30, 2011
I am notoriously late on just about EVERYTHING - Seriously though did you see my tweets this week Planking Owling I might as well be a 102 years old Long story short, I know that lots and lots of people have already seen this video But it is the end of a long, hard, not-so-fun week, and we all deserve a laugh, right And I laugh every time This video KILLS me Caution: includes profanity ... keep reading

Feeling Good About Yourself When You're Not Feeling Well

July 29, 2011
This spring I received an email asking me to write about this topic: Something I struggle a lot with is feeling good about myself when I'm not "healthy"- when I'm sick or have an injury A lot of my own recovery has involved learning to be grateful for everything my body does for me and all of its functions, but accepting its weakneses and its/my need to heal has often been difficult for me This questions seems especially pertinent this week, ... keep reading

Lessons My Great Grandmother Taught Me

July 26, 2011
Today I am in New Jersey, scrambling quickly from the Cape acros the Tri-State area to mourn and celebrate the life of my Great Grandmother, Sylvia Albanese, who pased away Sunday morning after nearly a hundred years of life Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Sylvia was first generation Italian-American Over the course of her life, she was a mother, wife, sister, grandmother, and great grandmother She was independent, fashionable, beautiful, ... keep reading