Feeling Good About Yourself When You're Not Feeling Well

July 29, 2011
This spring I received an email asking me to write about this topic: Something I struggle a lot with is feeling good about myself when I'm not "healthy"- when I'm sick or have an injury A lot of my own recovery has involved learning to be grateful for everything my body does for me and all of its functions, but accepting its weakneses and its/my need to heal has often been difficult for me This questions seems especially pertinent this week, ... keep reading

Lessons My Great Grandmother Taught Me

July 26, 2011
Today I am in New Jersey, scrambling quickly from the Cape acros the Tri-State area to mourn and celebrate the life of my Great Grandmother, Sylvia Albanese, who pased away Sunday morning after nearly a hundred years of life Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Sylvia was first generation Italian-American Over the course of her life, she was a mother, wife, sister, grandmother, and great grandmother She was independent, fashionable, beautiful, ... keep reading

Having Sex Like It's Going Out of Style

July 22, 2011
You know me, I love a good uproar on the internetz, and I know that YOU love it when I throw in my two cents at least two weeks two late - just to let the dust settle a little bit Just kidding, I live under a rock and I only today got around to reading Erica Jong's New York Times Op-Ed about how the "new generation of women" are just just not that into having sex Fascinating I immediately balked:  First of all, am I in this "new generation" ... keep reading

Blogging, Advertising, and Some Things I'd Like to Apologize For

July 13, 2011
When I first started Medicinal Marzipan, it was not to get rich I started it because I was a lonely, sitting in my house dreaming big and thinking about all manner of what it means to be a person that has a body and is walking around the world, and I desperately wanted a tribe I wanted to find people who valued honesty I wanted to find people who were interested in working hard to be the best version of themselves posible I wanted to find some ... keep reading


July 09, 2011
Once a upon a time, on July 9th my sweetheart was born and I am beyond grateful Happy Birthday Cookie! ps she rarely reads MM, but she might be convinced to come check out birthday mesages ... keep reading
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