A Transgender Woman’s Journey Toward Loving Her Body

May 21, 2015
Thi i a gue t po t written by the amazing Pace Smith, The Pathfinding Coach I am o grateful to her for reaching out and haring her tory with u today  Hi there! I'm Pace I live in Portland, Oregon and I love it here I've been married to an amazing woman named Kyeli for nine year , and we recently made it legal thank to Oregon allowing ame- ex marriage! I'm a Pathfinding coach, I love to play Dance Dance Revolution, and my favorite ... keep reading

Restoration in Laughter, Tears & Sweat

May 14, 2015
A recipe for the re toration of the pirit I find re toration in the trange t place Tucked between the eat while I detail my car Between hone t laughter and bright tear Relaxing along the floor of the incoming tide while my body urf the wave like I did when I wa mall At the back of the cupboard after I arrange all of the mug In each grain of and between my toe With every well placed utterance of the word no In every ... keep reading

Praying At The Altar of Busy

May 04, 2015
I could have build my home here, on the precipice of frenetic action, riding the wave of my own utter exhau tion and the meager urge of tre hormone cour ing through my vein I could have build my home here It wa comfortable, believing that everything i an emergency Believing, deeply, that my goodne hung in the balance of completing my ever-lengthening to do li t I could have build my home here I could have ru hed pa t you in the ... keep reading

Teaching Myself to Ask for Help

April 16, 2015
La t September, I could feel my elf hifting, growing My bu ine wa growing, and my energy wa changing It felt a though my con ciou ne wa being pulled out of my head and my ability to charge forward in pite of my elf, and traveling down through my feet, into the ground beneath me Traveling beneath the oil, my energy became horizontal and I could feel my elf (and my femininity) lowering into a new vibration Slower More intentional ... keep reading

Ferocious Truth

April 06, 2015
I want to unfold I don’t want to tay folded anywhere, becau e where I am folded, there I am a lie {Rainer Maria Rilke} My heart beat out the rhythm: tell the truth tell the truth tell the truth Tell the truth of who you are, of how you are  Tell the truth about what you need Tell the truth of your tory a a human on thi planet Tell the truth becau e in your ilence, you are breeding the tory that you are alone truggle That you ... keep reading
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