On Letting Go: The Toxic History Edition

June 23, 2011
We all have it at one point in our live - the grimy, cruddy, hame build up The corro ion of anger and re entment The little bit of loathing for part of our elve and other , that we ju t can't quite eem to crape off We all have moment in our own per onal hi torie that we would rather ju t forget ever happened to u , but that we remind our elve of all too often We have tho e moment where we didn't quite re pond a weetly a we wi h we ... keep reading

Food As Medicine

June 16, 2011
A LOT of people a k my why I named thi blog Medicinal Marzipan It' one of tho e "branding" thing that you really need to have a good quick elevator pitch to de cribe, but to thi point it' omething that I've fumbled with I've aid thing like, well my nickname wa Marzipan in college, and um I'm hoping to help ome people errr and o I ju t thought of it one day But I've done ome thinking, and the an wer to that que tion really hould ... keep reading

Giveaway: Be Yourself Be Beautiful

May 31, 2011
I've got omething really extra pecial for you guy today! I've been given the opportunity to take a neak peak at the GORGEOUS Ebook Be Your elf Be Beautiful written by Julie Parker and illu trated by Emma Kate CodringtonĀ  Thi Ebook ha been lovingly crafted by the e two pectacular woman, and contain 34 page of in piring quote and beautiful illu tration It' kind of the type of thing every Marzipanling hould pla ter their wall with ... keep reading

It's OK For You To Have Everything That You Want

May 30, 2011
So, ye terday I wa peru ing the fabulou blog Yum & Yuck, a ite with the epic tagline: "There are only two mantra , yum and yuck, mine i yum" (Tom Robbin ) I recommend that you check it out ASAP A I wa crolling through the ite, I found thi graphic in the idebar: Wow My initial reaction wa a little voice in the back of my head that aid, Um i it REALLY ok for me to have everything that I want What about the really cary big tuff ... keep reading

What To Do When You’re Having a Bad Day

May 27, 2011
For much of my life, I ate my pain However, I don't want to do that any more Finding new and improved way to cheer my elf up, make my elf feel loved, and return me to a tate of bli i pretty much my number one priority in my recovery from the fir t twenty-three year of my life It i the one thing that keep me from di olving into a puddle of cookie and Karda hian on a regular ba i But, becau e life can be hard - we need ome really ... keep reading
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