Guest Post: Evolving Body Image in Antigua

July 07, 2011
I recently went on holiday to the Caribbean with my family, and being there brought to my attention something that I’ve sort of noticed before but never really considered properly In England, although I’m not overweight and I’m fairly healthy, I feel fat, because my stomach isn’t completely fat and my jeans don’t quite fit over my bum anymore But in Antigua, all of this changed, completely, over the course of ten days It wasn’t ... keep reading

Consistency in Self-Love

July 05, 2011
Has this ever happened to you Ok, Ok, I KNOW that I'm supposed to _________ (love myself, eat healthy, eat intuitively, not compare my body to others, be sweet to the skin I'm in, buy clothing in the size that I truly am and not be sorry about it, feel good about myself naked, drink enough water) - but I just don't want to today! I'll start again tomorrow/Monday/next week Today I just want to sit around in stretchy pants, avoid exercise, ... keep reading

On Letting Go: The Toxic History Edition

June 23, 2011
We all have it at one point in our lives - the grimy, cruddy, shame build up The corrosion of anger and resentment The little bits of loathing for parts of ourselves and others, that we just can't quite seem to scrape off We all have moments in our own personal histories that we would rather just forget ever happened to us, but that we remind ourselves of all too often We have those moments where we didn't quite respond as sweetly as we wish we ... keep reading

Food As Medicine

June 16, 2011
A LOT of people ask my why I named this blog Medicinal Marzipan It's one of those "branding" things that you really need to have a good quick elevator pitch to describe, but to this point it's something that I've fumbled with I've said things like, well my nickname was Marzipan in college, and um I'm hoping to help some people errr and so I just thought of it one day But I've done some thinking, and the answer to that question really should ... keep reading

Giveaway: Be Yourself Be Beautiful

May 31, 2011
I've got something really extra special for you guys today! I've been given the opportunity to take a sneak peak at the GORGEOUS Ebook Be Yourself Be Beautiful written by Julie Parker and illustrated by Emma Kate Codrington  This Ebook has been lovingly crafted by these two spectacular woman, and contains 34 pages of inspiring quotes and beautiful illustration It's kind of the type of thing every Marzipanling should plaster their walls with ... keep reading
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