Having Sex Like It's Going Out of Style

July 22, 2011
You know me, I love a good uproar on the internetz, and I know that YOU love it when I throw in my two cents at least two weeks two late - just to let the dust settle a little bit Just kidding, I live under a rock and I only today got around to reading Erica Jong's New York Times Op-Ed about how the "new generation of women" are just just not that into having sex Fascinating I immediately balked:  First of all, am I in this "new generation" ... keep reading

Blogging, Advertising, and Some Things I'd Like to Apologize For

July 13, 2011
When I first started Medicinal Marzipan, it was not to get rich I started it because I was a lonely, sitting in my house dreaming big and thinking about all manner of what it means to be a person that has a body and is walking around the world, and I desperately wanted a tribe I wanted to find people who valued honesty I wanted to find people who were interested in working hard to be the best version of themselves posible I wanted to find some ... keep reading


July 09, 2011
Once a upon a time, on July 9th my sweetheart was born and I am beyond grateful Happy Birthday Cookie! ps she rarely reads MM, but she might be convinced to come check out birthday mesages ... keep reading

Guest Post: Evolving Body Image in Antigua

July 07, 2011
I recently went on holiday to the Caribbean with my family, and being there brought to my attention something that I’ve sort of noticed before but never really considered properly In England, although I’m not overweight and I’m fairly healthy, I feel fat, because my stomach isn’t completely fat and my jeans don’t quite fit over my bum anymore But in Antigua, all of this changed, completely, over the course of ten days It wasn’t ... keep reading

Consistency in Self-Love

July 05, 2011
Has this ever happened to you Ok, Ok, I KNOW that I'm supposed to _________ (love myself, eat healthy, eat intuitively, not compare my body to others, be sweet to the skin I'm in, buy clothing in the size that I truly am and not be sorry about it, feel good about myself naked, drink enough water) - but I just don't want to today! I'll start again tomorrow/Monday/next week Today I just want to sit around in stretchy pants, avoid exercise, ... keep reading