True Life: My Experience at Overeaters Anonymous

May 13, 2011
This winter, for a clas, I was asked to attend an open 12-Step meeting of my choosing and observe the group dynamics  Instead of choosing something easier, I decided to find my local Overeaters Anonymous (OA) meeting and check it out It was important to me to choose a group that I could participate in honestly, and offer myself the opportunity to dig deeper instead of just fulfilling the asignment I had been to many Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) ... keep reading

Gotta Share: On Being an Active Participant in Your Life

May 11, 2011
Today the lovely Kendra over at Voice in Recovery wrote about taking a blog hiatus, and what it meant to take a break from the internet and participate actively in your own life  This post appealed to me, because I think that it is extremely important for anyone who has blog or active twitter account or online persona to remember how to step back every once and a while and indulge in some serious face time with their own life Sometimes, we all ... keep reading

Validation is Not a Dirty Word

May 09, 2011
Good morning Marzipanlings! This guest post is written by the FANTASTIC Dr Ashley Solomon of Nourishing the Soul All her contact info is in the bio at the bottom, but I really encourage you to take a look at her blog if you haven't yet It is one of my favorite reads I tend to throw around positive affirmations and spew feel-good-about-ourselves mantras like it’s my job Okay, so maybe it sort of is my job – I’m a psychologist and a body ... keep reading

International No Diet Day

May 06, 2011
In chronological order, in honor of International No Diet Day: I remember being in third grade, and telling my friends that I was only going to drink water for three days I remember feeling targeted and alone, because I couldn't run the mile for the President's Physical Fitnes Test Year after year after year I remember driving up to Boston, so that I could be evaluated at Children's Hospital I saw the nutritionist I remember that she told me ... keep reading

On Taking It Slow Even When You Want To go Fast

April 22, 2011
I'm not really a "move slowly kind of girl" My preference for life is a little more full-tilt, highly caffeinated, go big or go home I like to move quickly However, lately, I have been practicing moving much, much slower than I would like The background story is that I used to be an athlete, and running is not a foreign concept to me I have run a bajillion suicides in my life, pounded away on the pavement for miles, and swam a more laps that ... keep reading