Breakfast and Broken Promises: a CHANGE Post

April 13, 2011
I have said it before, and I'll say it again: I don't like change But, if there is anything that is unavoidable in the world, it's changeĀ  It seems that the more that you try to avoid change, and the more anxiety that you have about a pending lack of stability in your environment - the quicker it finds you I am a nester I love few things more than a cozy bed, a refrigerator chock full of delicious, and knowing exactly what tomorrow is ... keep reading

Give Your Body a Vacation

April 11, 2011
Lately I have been thinking a lot about how lovely it would feel to go on vacation A long vacation A vacation that looked like this: Marzipan, her sweetheart, her computer, a couple of magazines, cup of coffee, and beach, for approximately 30 days But we'll just file that away under Things You Dream About 24/7 in Grad School However, the other day when I was returning from my run, as I was fantasizing about my dream vacation, I got to ... keep reading

This Is My Brain On Fear

April 06, 2011
This is my brain on fear, as revealed on twitter Saturday, and the ONLY type of response that quells the tidal wave of anxiety that ensues: When my brain is hooked on fear, this is what the inside of my brain sounds like: I'm scared I'M SCARED F&% I am never going to make anything of myself Why do I even think I deserve all of this for I'm TOO FAT to run outside Everyone hates me Everyone thinks I'm gros I am never going to be succesful ... keep reading

Inspiration: Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity

March 30, 2011
Like, they come up to me now and they say, "Aren't you afraid Aren't you afraid that you aren't going to be able to top that Aren't you afraid you are going to keep writing for your whole life and you're never again going to create a book that anyone in the world cares about at all, ever again Yes, Elizabeth Gilbert, yes - I completely understand Y'all I love this video It's long It's worth it I love ... keep reading

Learning How to Handle Success Gracefully

March 29, 2011
I will just say it: more often than not, succes makes me want to curl up in a ball underneath my bed and hide Why is it that you can work so very hard for something, but then poses an inability to receive positive feedback What is it about succes that makes us so uncomfortable I have always had a difficult time with the best case scenario Rug pulled out from under me, everything crumbling at my feet, feeling like I'm the biggest loser in the ... keep reading