On Not Being Afraid of Your Own Ambition

February 02, 2011
True story: this weekend I fell deep into a hole that seemed inescapable I was scared, and I was allowing my future to be defined by others And while this saddened me enormously, I could not help but falling deeper into self-doubt or questioning my goals as a writer, as social worker, and as an entrepreneur In short, I fell hook line and sinker into a place that I am quite certain many of you know very, very well But what can one do when they ... keep reading

Honoring Your Hunger Cues: Coffee, The Final Frontier

January 28, 2011
So this morning, as I was sitting in clas painfully early, I was sort of idly bringing my 21 oz coffee cup to my lips when I realized that my stomach was turning over, my heart was beating wildly out of my chest, and I was feeling a little repulsed by the idea of taking one more sip of coffee  And in that second I was floored, because as someone who continues to work very hard on learning to eat intuitively, honor my hunger cues, and ... keep reading

Confessions of a Television Addict

January 26, 2011
Hi, my name is Marzipan, and I'm a television addict It's true I'm the kind of girl that sort of thinks that characters on TV shows that I love are my real life friends The kind of girl that finds few things more relaxing and wonderful than kicking back and zoning out  I am a Netflix-ing/Hulu-ing/DVR-ing profesional I have few requirements other than a plot - I've never really been a fan of sports or reality television When I was a kid, I used ... keep reading

The Impact of Disordered Eating on Our Families and Friends

January 20, 2011
Marzipanlings, today I would like to share with you an amazing letter that I received, written by a mother to her daughter's eating disorder So often we become so consumed with discusing how disordered eating affects the individual, that we forget the impact that our struggles have on our loved ones and family members I wanted to write a post about this, but this letter is so very powerful that I would like it to stand on its own - thank you ... keep reading