Pillsbury Biscuits + Other Childhood Lessons About Depression

February 21, 2011
Depresion in my family builds slowly The differences are slight at first, but become remarkable over time, with the ability to completely alter your relationship with someone else When I was a kid, growing up on Cape Cod, the fog would roll in, slowly over the bay, creeping it's way into the streets near the bay, until, suddenly, you can't see more than five feet in front of you and you have no idea where you're going My experiences with ... keep reading

The Broken Hearts Club: Finding Power in Your Experiences

February 16, 2011
In the service of love, only broken hearts will do [Max Cleland, Strong at the Broken Places] As of late, I have been thinking a lot about ambition, and what it means to be authentically YOU in choosing your profesion and how you represent yourself I happen to be in the busines of honesty, but that in and of itself is a hard choice One of the things that I first learned when reading the Fire Starter Sesions, is not to get good at doing ... keep reading

Dear Teeny: Reader Response

February 12, 2011
This submision comes to us an anonymous contribution to Teen Week from an amazing and brave woman in our community I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for having the strength to share this story here, and all of you for bearing witnes Teeny, The TRUTH: IT IS NOT YOU and IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT The LIE: Everything ELSE… Tuck this away inside your heart and carry it with you for the rest of your life…and YES you will find that ... keep reading

On Not Being Afraid of Your Own Ambition

February 02, 2011
True story: this weekend I fell deep into a hole that seemed inescapable I was scared, and I was allowing my future to be defined by others And while this saddened me enormously, I could not help but falling deeper into self-doubt or questioning my goals as a writer, as social worker, and as an entrepreneur In short, I fell hook line and sinker into a place that I am quite certain many of you know very, very well But what can one do when they ... keep reading

Honoring Your Hunger Cues: Coffee, The Final Frontier

January 28, 2011
So this morning, as I was sitting in clas painfully early, I was sort of idly bringing my 21 oz coffee cup to my lips when I realized that my stomach was turning over, my heart was beating wildly out of my chest, and I was feeling a little repulsed by the idea of taking one more sip of coffee  And in that second I was floored, because as someone who continues to work very hard on learning to eat intuitively, honor my hunger cues, and ... keep reading