Using Creativity to Improve Your Body Image

January 18, 2011
Long, long ago, before this little blog was born, I wrote for myself, by myself, in an attempt to proces through all of the incidents that had occurred throughout my life, that I had allowed to lodge themselves deep in my heart and become toxic and surrounded by shame The thing about trauma is that it can occur at any time It can occur when you are in a room full of people who are going about their day, none of whom seem to be impacted in the ... keep reading

The Protection of a Fat Body

January 13, 2011
[Now, please don't be offended by my unabashed use of the fat in the title - it is a word that I simply refuse to be afraid of anymore and intend to continue to use it here, but please know that this my understanding of this word is a body type that elicits negative reaction from general society, particularly in the midst of this obesity epidemic, and my use of the word here is to make our understanding of body weight and the uses of that weight ... keep reading

A Self Esteem Mantra

January 11, 2011
Hey y'all, I was looking over some of my course materials from the Ann Wigmore Institute for a little inspiration to tack up on my wall this week to insulate my good feelings towards my body during this week when I have to be at my best for a very important interview I found this perfect declaration, and I wanted to share it with you Self Esteem THE POWER OF YOUR WORD SHALL MAKE IT SO Declaration of Intention I am here to love myself I am ... keep reading

Learning How to Believe You Are Worth It

January 07, 2011
Now, this post was originally entitled Believing You are Worth It, but y'all asked me to get really basic and really specific with you about how to "get there" Presuming "there" is: a perfectly imperfect, always evolving, state of unconditional self-love and building a compasionate, kind relationship with your body - You've come to the right place The truth It is very unlikely that you will wake up in the morning one day and looking in the ... keep reading

Tough Love: Taking A Hard Look in the Mirror

January 05, 2011
Now, as a body image blogger, and a human being, this week is always almost unbearable Believe me, I love the promise of a fresh start just as much as the next girl I love the new year I love making plans and lists, and I love feeling like I've been granted a fresh start What I do not like are the traumatic stres flashbacks to every single new years of my youth wherein I begged and pleaded with my body to please please let this be the year, ... keep reading
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