A Self Esteem Mantra

January 11, 2011
Hey y'all, I wa looking over ome of my cour e material from the Ann Wigmore In titute for a little in piration to tack up on my wall thi week to in ulate my good feeling toward my body during thi week when I have to be at my be t for a very important interview I found thi perfect declaration, and I wanted to hare it with you Self E teem THE POWER OF YOUR WORD SHALL MAKE IT SO Declaration of Intention I am here to love my elf I am ... keep reading

Learning How to Believe You Are Worth It

January 07, 2011
Now, thi po t wa originally entitled Believing You are Worth It, but y'all a ked me to get really ba ic and really pecific with you about how to "get there" Pre uming "there" i : a perfectly imperfect, alway evolving, tate of unconditional elf-love and building a compa ionate, kind relation hip with your body - You've come to the right place The truth It i very unlikely that you will wake up in the morning one day and looking in the ... keep reading

Tough Love: Taking A Hard Look in the Mirror

January 05, 2011
Now, a a body image blogger, and a human being, thi week i alway almo t unbearable Believe me, I love the promi e of a fre h tart ju t a much a the next girl I love the new year I love making plan and li t , and I love feeling like I've been granted a fre h tart What I do not like are the traumatic tre fla hback to every ingle new year of my youth wherein I begged and pleaded with my body to plea e plea e let thi be the year, ... keep reading

Happy Belated Holidays

December 26, 2010
Thi wa meant to go out ye terday but ahem I got di tracted by a whole lot of cookie and merry-making xoxo what have y'all been doing to celebrate and ye that i my dre ed up, fancy, Chri tma ficu Don't judge I prefer to call it my Babar Chri tma Tree ... keep reading

Inspiration, Part II

December 11, 2010
Thi week ha been one big life le on after another - and now, I've melted into my couch like a jello-girl, watching Eat, Pray, Love and gearing up for the next wave That aid, I've been thinking about your Marzipanling , and about our la t conver ation about decimating your (my) comfort zone And omehow, knowing alway exactly what I need, the weetheart po ted thi video on my facebook wall I cannot top watching it, and I'm fairly certain, ... keep reading
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